Monday, May 23, 2016

More Posts

Dropped and set eight more posts this afternoon. The weather guys are predicting a bunch of rain for us over the next week with a chance almost everyday so I figured this would be a good time to get some posts set and let them settle while I work on Frazier's shelter. Once I am sure I have everything in place and ready I will need a couple of good weather days to put Frazier out in the cross roads paddock while I get his paddock finished.

It's going to take careful planning. There are at least three or four weed trees in his old fence line that will need removed as well, so I can't just put up the new one and then take down the old one.

The theory behind Frazier's paddock and the North section of the Crossroads paddock is it will connect to the barn lot and then allow me to run the flock into the East and South pastures when needed. I am attempting to set the gates so they open into each other when desired and create a safety triangle so anyone can actually let Frazier out (when the flock isn't there) without exposing themselves to his rather rough playful nature.

Frazier, our terminal ram, isn't mean he is just rather affectionate and doesn't understand humans can't really take even his gentle headbutts or that the female humans can't really stand up to his body checks when he wants his neck and shoulders scratched. I venture into his paddock fairly frequently for one reason or another but I have to constantly be on my guard because when he wants attention he will come at you like a freight train.

Of course the best maneuver you can do when Frazier is feeling playful is to get as close to him as possible and keep him off balance but no one around he seems willing to try it but me. So I am designing his paddock gate to allow anyone to let him out and then have an open exit to boot.

Getting Frazier back into his paddock is easy. All you have to do is put some grain in his feeder and any thought of human playthings disappears instantly.

So now that the posts are set we will see what the weather does. I may have to start work on some other project while I wait for this next series of rains to blow themselves out.

Always some type of delay going on with the fence project that's for sure.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. I'm sure that frazier not having horns helps a great deal though they do make for good handles. I only dealt with goats and horns were definitely handles.

    1. Sf - The problem with sheep is even with no horns they have those extremely thick plates on their skulls. Not sure if Goats have the same kinda thing but the vet explained the sheep skulls as being most like those head ramming dinosaurs. I have seen Frazier break 3 inch petrified oak planks like they were match sticks when he gets angry. Frazier hates change more than anything else.

    2. I heard a story of a billy goat that got in a fight with a ram and the ram split the goat's skull. So that makes sense now. It is better to have a hard head than be horny I guess, hmmm, that didn't sound right.

  2. I've noticed last summer you got the weather a few days after us. We had heavy rains and extreme winds for 3 days this weekend.


  3. PP,

    Yep, rain here too!!! 10 days straight of rain.....oh joy :-(
    Great picture of Frazier, he is adorable! He looks like he's waiting for you to come over and scratch him in this picture.


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