Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More Asian Female Immigration Please!!!

As I just got home from another 12 hour shift and am forcing myself to think through a pounding headache and reading through sleep deprived eyes.....

A thought came into my head.

It seems to me that most of the Pro-Open border types who are of European descent are almost always Women. Not saying there aren't plenty of White Women protesting against immigration mind you. Just pointing out that the pro-side of it seems to be more appealing to the liberal, lefty, feminist types.

Then I came across an article on how the ratio of men v. women is changing so dramatically in these once European Western countries and the thought came screaming in....

Why don't we import about 10 or 20 million attractive Asian women?

I could start a Gofundme page or something and raise... oh I don't know.... 50 Billion or so and buy a couple of older cruise ships and start importing them in from all over Asia.

My guess is that 99% of these little feminist, lefty, liberal types will suddenly vote for closed borders before my cruise ships make it halfway back across the Pacific.

Whadda'ya Think Angela?

Ya that's kinda the reaction I pictured you would have.....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Oh man I didn't need to see Angela this early in the morning, she could be Adolph's love child.
    You may have found the key to shutting down all immigration, just let the word out that old white guys want it, it would instantly become something bad that gets eliminated.
    You are lucky that Mrs PP lets you employ all of those tractor drivers, I wouldn't push it by getting a cruise ship full of Asian babes.

    1. Sf - LOL no way I am in any shape for either Asian girls or tractor drivers :) Mrs. PP knows I am safe to be left unsupervised :)

  2. As a person of a Asian family I say don't. Every Asian woman I have met through my husbands family has been terrible wives. One left her Marine husband after she screwed around on him. She didn't want to cook, clean or stick to a budget. He is left paying child support and not seeing his child. SIL (different woman) has married multiple times, each time marrying up for riches. Boyfriends get lots of sex but once the ring is in then no sex. Ever. She laughs about this. MIL (of said SIL) has been married to my FIL for 46 years. One of the most miserable women I have ever met. She hates everyone but is nice to their face. My husband tried to be a good son for the 20 something years we have been married but finally gave up this year because his mother kept lying to him about things. No, no Asians. You either find a good woman or you don't. The good and the bad come in all races. However, Asians are the only race I have yet to be up close and personal with and still find a decent woman among them.

    1. Anon - Well doesn't sound like your inlaws are much different than 90% of the Western Women out there these days. As it stands right now Females are at a premium all over the West due to unrestrained immigration so any of them can start acting as you describe. Put the numbers back into a more natural balance as nature intended and I imagine attitudes would change.

  3. Replies
    1. DH - Just trying to stop the vile discrimination against Asian females :)

  4. yes yes yes!!!

    you're friend kimber

    1. Sooooo mentioning Asian females gets the kimber troll back? Wow who knew :)

  5. This would solve so many problems...you could restore the economy by hiring crew for the ships, saving the aging cruise ships in the first place, training the girls....the list of jobs is long the possibilities are endless and the scenery would improve..... Seriously though you are right about the pro open border protesters do have a stereotype.

  6. I tell my wife daily "thank you for being sane." I've met so many guys married to women with serious personality issues its not funny.



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