Sunday, February 7, 2016

Some Couple is Raising a Whole Herd of Trouble

Stole this picture from Bubba's site today. So pressed for time right now I really can't get a post up. I even had to cancel on my neighbor who offered to let me come help him tap his Maple trees this weekend. I was really disappointed about that as learning to make syrup is on my bucket list but I have to get this hood finished for the tractor and needed to split some more wood too.

Anyway whomever that tribe of redheads belongs to they are truly blessed and my hat is off to them. My bet is there is going to be a long line of broken hearted boys hanging around for years to come.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. wow! that is some serious tribe of redheads! how proud must their parents be to have such beautiful children!

    i am really sorry that you had to cancel on your neighbour - that sucks! up here in canada we call tapping trees "sugar bushes". jambaloney's mom and stepdad had land full of ginormic maples that they tapped every year, and jambaloney helped. so he knows the process. his stepdad makes the best maple syrup in the whole world! deelish!

    and although cape breton island is famous for it's scenic cabot trail, full of gorgeous maples - guess what kind of tree that we don't have a single one of on our land? you guessed it! maples! they just don't grow in this part of the island.

    i hope that you get a chance to learn "sugar-bushing" from your neighbour.! and good luck with getting the hood finished.

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. Kymber - I got to watch him do it last year a bit and he does it every year. This is the perfect time for him. Warm days and nights almost near freezing makes the sap run perfectly for him. We have a couple of maples and more than a few boxelders that can actually be tapped but not enough to really bother. We might make half a gallon of syrup tops.

      I look at that picture and smile. In 10 years those girls are going to be driving a bunch of young men crazy lol. Don't know why but that makes me smile.


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