Saturday, June 10, 2023

Survival Mode Activated


I discovered another unanticipated downside to all this new Housing for foreign immigration going on around here this afternoon. With the daytime heat and on going drought plus dwindling garden water storage I decided to treat my tender young plants to their first shower from my irrigation system for the year. I have used this basic set up for at least half a decade but these days my sprinklers must be operating at about 10PSI. I soon gave up. Guess I am going to need to go find a lower water pressure kind of sprinkler system for the future.

Never had this particular issue before but I rarely need to water using the hay mulch I went to as long as we get some rain, but we have not had a drought like this since the last one back in 2013. MY storage tanks are low. I cannot even fill my hand water bucket all the way and without a bit more of a natural drenching there just isn't enough moisture for the mulch to hold in regardless. And now I guess with all the new houses on the country system and my drying up wells I don't have enough pressure to cover even a fraction of what I used to be able too. I haven't noticed any decrease inside but my garden flow is now a mere trickle compared to before and I tried several combinations just to be sure I wasn't missing something.

They are predicting rain this weekend though so maybe things won't get critical and my spray nozzle still works fine in a pinch.

All the construction going on around me simply seems to have died to nothing this last week. Not one worker has been seen period in over a week. They left the so called manufacturing building empty and open with no doors or windows installed and even went so far as to remove the dozers and earth movers from the two suburb worksites. Not just stopping all landscaping and road making they actually hauled off the equipment. It's been positively peaceful out here again for a change.

I am not sure what is up but I do wonder if this is not connected to the commercial loan and funding issues across the country I have been hearing so much about. Apparently financial institutions are ceasing and removing commercial loans left and right right now. I witnessed many video blog guests and talking heads panicking about it even more this afternoon than earlier this week. One guest was throwing fake dollars into the air and declaring them worthless today. Another talking head proclaimed housing is not crashing but switching to mostly cash buying who was followed closely be another claiming cash buyers are simply foreign buyers attempting to get out of cash in the easiest way possible. 

As for the Small-Hold I mentioned not long ago we are reducing our exposure now by a big margin. I admit that for the last few months We have continued to spend as if nothing was happening or going to change but we are switching to spend thrift mode and using the fact that we remain totally debt free to weather this storm and reduce the loss of our assets as much as possible. Hording cash or precious metals still seems a bit premature yet as I do not trust the current tyrannical regime with anything they consider valuable. Besides who could make change for any gold we would use anyway? Tangible assets that can be used for trade and/or barter are much more reasonable for a government forced collapse like we are experiencing I believe. Especially one that appears to be starting and developing from the top down like this one is. Be prepared to hold out in place and see what develops seems the only safe option to me right now. With the current degenerates in power the exact direction things  can go seem very uncertain to me, others may and probably do think differently of course.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I live in rural Alaska off grid and have to haul my garden water from the public well. I use a trailer with a tank so I only have about two feet of head at the bottom of the tank. I use drip tape and have no problem emptying the tank completely on to the rows. Less evaporation loss compared to sprinklers too!

    1. Anon - Certainly a gravity fed drip system would work, I played around with it a few years back but it would require a bit of equipment inputs to get one going for the larger sized garden. I admit I am not prepared for drought conditions of this level now. Definitely something to think about!!!

  2. Debt is the evil the state & federal govts in Australia used to force the vast majority of our population to participate in a recent event. At the time, wife & I were utterly dependant on our "good" jobs with our "good" employers and had a couple of quite small loans for consumer things (car loan, credit card etc).

    Now we have a small mortgage, no other debt at all, and multiple small sources of income. Looking for a rural property in a very remote area. Never, never, never again.

    1. Anon - Well said!!! Coming from a much simpler time I was more forced into the same line of thought and debt free life by a government focused on limiting me for who I was mostly as they had others they wished to benefit for themselves. I simply learned to embrace it as a strength and reject any alternative. I knew it would pay off eventually.
      As things fall apart around them I am glad I saw how it was going to go eventually.

    2. PioneerPreppy - we discovered many of our colleagues at work think everything is totally normal. We live in a large "regional centre", not a capital city, and for some reason our "leaders have plans to import nearly 1,000,000 "skilled migrants" into Australia over the next 18 months. These people will mostly end up in Sydney. For some reason, that no-one can explain, the United Nations flag flies outside our local city council chambers, next to the Australian, NSW, Aboriginal and "alphabet people" flags.

      As soon as we started looking for rural land and making small side jobs to create a degree of income buffer, and storing & preserving food to maintain a well stocked larder we found there are a great many people who are just like us. Many people can see what was done and are doing the same thing while we still can.


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