Wednesday, January 27, 2021

If You Are Reading This You Are The Resistance


It's been one week since the siege began and I must say I do not think this time around is going to pan out like the Obummer years did. Resistance seems to be rising hard and fast and whats more important a palatable mood of remorse also seems to be spreading with almost wildfire like growth. I am not sure why so many people are honestly surprised by any of the racist, hateful moves Bite-me and his Femocrats are doing. It isn't like thousands of us didn't warn them ahead of time what their true motivations were. Still the damage they are going to do before things change is going to be so great I cringe to think about it.

I started this blog to chronicle our road from being an average paycheck to paycheck sheeple flock to a place of sustainable living. I quickly figured out what I was aiming for was not really possible at least not in the end result I was aiming for. That story is for another post but suffice it to say what I realized was true sustainable living now that can be transferred to sustainable living during a collapse are basically two entirely different worlds and the real test is being able to live in one while preparing for the other. That is the trick and surviving the return of the Femocrat Multi-Cult Regime is one aspect of that.

We are All the Resistance.

The first thing that stands out to me now after almost four years of silence is that the range of information sites I used to rely on has dwindled considerably. Many of them caved into the commercial success, some like Drudge sold out, others just disappeared entirely. As I attempt to build a new pool of information sites I will link ones I find here. Today I stumbled across this uploader on YouTube from Australia..

Of course we are going to have to go out of country to get actual news but these guys sure laid it all out. I hope they continue as I will definitely put them on my watch list. I trust it works I am still trying to remember how to do video inserts and all that.

My guess at the moment is The Small-Hold is pretty protected for a bit. I never let my stock piles dwindle and have been rotating a lot of stored food. Biteme's new taxes on gun and related purchases don't effect me much since I lost most every firearm I owned in a boating accident and had a large stockpile before that anyway. I downsized most stock and other endeavors so they can be provided for even if we cannot buy feed again. Fuel would be an issue of course as I have let that stockpile lessen so that is the one vulnerable area we are facing now.

Staying informed is the number one activity right now. We need as much of an early warning as we can get right now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. the fact that you're even TRYING to engage in sustainable living puts you ahead of the game immensely, PP.

    Yeah, I found out the hard way that boats and firearms don't mix as well.

    The heck with the MILLIONS of us warning the people what the Biteme regime was going to do; Biteme and The Black Vagina CAME RIGHT OUT AND SAID IT DURING THE CAMPAIGN! Biteme voters were so brainwashed by the MSM and so blind with hatred towards Trump, they voted for the Trojan Horse anyway. Even now, a "certain relative" thinks I'm a member of the "Trump cult!" You can't fix stupid...

    All we can do is soldier on, PP... God bless...

    1. Pete - Yep you got it. Ya know even my own father claims he voted for Biden and Trump was some kind of monster. The he turns around a complains about them removing an old landmark that was placed when he was a kid and denies it is the Democrats doing it. I know he really didn't vote cause he never has. He is just trying to be an ass on that regard but since he gets all his news from the lame stream media he is completely brainwashed.

  2. You don’t post enough, PP.

    I dunno about you or yours but I’ve frickin had it. They never stop with their BS. There’s always another group of good for nothing human trash posing as victims and demanding a hand out. There’s always another tradition of mine that has to be given up to appease them. There’s always another right or liberty I have to give up so they can feel safe. There’s always another type of sexual degenerate that wants his perversion mainstreamed. Hell - your president is a friggin pedo. His son is a crack headed pedo.

    Enough’s enough. If somebody needs to get shot to make this lunacy stop... I am just fine with it at this point.

    1. GF - Ya I need to post more. I am slowly working my way back to more posting but it is hard to do.

      I agree we need some group, state, whatever to get this ball rolling some thing or one with some authority that will fight back. Without some authority ever leader who tries is crushed quickly.


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