Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Over Yet

Last week the daily rains fell to almost every other day and the temps kinda went back down to acceptable levels. We went almost 3 weeks without a case of worms or swollen jaws and it looked as if that period was ended.

Then yesterday we got more heavy rains and three ewes came up with signs. So there we were chasing them down and dosing them once again. Actually I have to admit it wasn't as hard as usual, one of the effected ewes comes like a dog when you call her, the other is almost as tame and only one is somewhat wild and Mrs. PP can usually entice her with food.

Egg production went back up but that one damned hen is trying to go broody again. The Buckwheat is glorious however and blooming strong but the bees for some reason are not working them this year. They are heading out East somewhere foraging to something that has their interest more.

The Japanese beetles however seem to love the Buckwheat even more than they did my Apple trees.

Of course we are now back to rain every day. IN August. August.... Something unheard of around here before. I am so far behind on mowing it isn't even funny any longer. The pasture looks like crap and the barn hasn't been weed ate in a month. Of course the temps are rising again now and it's like working in a sauna all over again.

This year I can honestly say Fall can not get here fast enough. I am going to need the dead grass period just to catch up on things.

On the plus side, cause there usually is at least one plus side. I have more wood stored for Winter now than I have ever had in my life.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Send the rain West, Preppy. We are still just hot.

  2. It's been hot here but the afternoon thunderstorms have done a good job of cooling it down into the low 60's at night. Nothing like 60 degrees at 3am to make you finally reach for a blanket. Unfortunately the heat has put the garden and yard into more of a stagnant phase but that looks to be breaking and the huge harvest I was expecting might still happen.
    We are looking forward to fall as well.

  3. We are well into the dry season here, and so could do with a drop of rain! As for our sheep..... the flock of sheep we have at the moment are as ditsy as anything and will not allow themselves to be caught unless they are trapped. I think it is because some of them got a fright after they decided to go under the fence and graze in our neighbour's field. Having two black rottweillers chase them to get them back into our field seems to have give them this ditsy attitude towards us! As for the hens..... no eggs, can't be found, really need to get the proper chicken housing sorted out!

  4. We haven't had a drop of rain here since the eighth of May! Even the CACTUS are dying! Of course, when it does rain, it'll be enough to float Titanic! We're finally getting a respite from the heat, if you can call 99 degrees "cool!"

  5. Getting rain here as well. I am working on firewood but switched to canning green beans today as it was too wet. Keep those sheep dosed and your fingers crossed.

  6. We are back to rain here too. All.day.long! Maybe tomorrow will be sunnier for us both. Hope the sheep do better!


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