Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This Year is a Write Off

We got hit with another big storm last night. My rain gauge goes up to 6 inches, not that I think it keeps up accurately after about 2 inches though. Anyway it was completely full this morning so I have no idea how much rain we got but I do know that it was coming into the basement faster than I could pump it out and I am still not sure how it is getting in there. Never have figured it out.

I am so ready to tear this old house down it ain't even funny.

At this point I have completely given up on getting anything done this Summer. Just picking up the blown over stuff from the yard is like working in a hot shower/sauna . In less than two minutes I am completely soaked and dripping. It's all I can do right now to run the mowers every other day and keep the sheep from dying due to the worms. By the time I get the last cut done it is time to start the entire process over, in between rains that is.

Until these constant rains scale back I am pretty much stuck in simple survival mode keeping up with those two things along with my work responsibilities. Not much time for anything else, even weed eating has come to a complete halt now. We are getting hammered with rain almost as bad as last year during May and June when we were 22 inches over normal except this year it's in July and August. Usually it's dry as an old bone this time of year and I am able to get a lot done since the grass has almost stopped growing.

So for now I throw in the towel. Well no I am keeping the towel to wipe the sweat off but I am giving up on any hope of getting anything done on projects now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Similar here, too much rain, I think the hops crop has failed unless something magic happens and they grow new ones. Everything else is hiding in the weeds except the tobacco which is growing like weeds. Water floods the root cellar but it runs out the lower side and there is a wall that diverts everything away from the house but I think sometimes the water table just rises and you can't do much about that. Lucky that it has happened before shtf and you have your job to make up the losses of equipment with.

  2. Almost no chance here. We could sorely use it.

    1. Rain. No rain here. Thank you, imaginary autocorrect in my mind....

      The one thing it does call to mind for the folks that never pay attention is how dependent most folks are on the weather for regular things like food. While insulated from it now, any break in the system that causes things to have to be sourced locally will bring great disruption.

    2. I noticed that as well this year. For me, it's the LACK of rain and the ridiculously high temperatures throwing wrenches into the works. As I watched the 117* temps stew my garden in one day, despite copious amounts of irrigation, I commented to my wife on how, if this was post-TEOTWAWKI, we'd be in SERIOUS trouble right now!.

      God's ramping us up. Stay alert and LEARN!

  3. We desperately need rain.....the grazing on the fields is now almost non existent which means we shall have to buy in hay to give to the cows and sheep. As for the veg plot, minimal watering there as well, just tomatoes and aubergines, ignoring everything else.
    Hope it dries up for you soon. Hope we get some rain. Hope we can stay cheerful and not mind that the weather will do what it wants to do.

  4. All we can do is work with whatever mother nature throws at us, we havent had a good summer 2 dry days 2 wet days seems to be the pattern

  5. We got the weirdest storm the other day. I just finished another section of my fence project on the weekend. The storm was 45 minutes of very high winds pushing hail at near horizontal angle. The hail was hard and marble sized.

    Lots of trees down around town but my new fence was pounded but stayed up and it protected the garden, berry bushes and the wife's roses.


  6. It makes you realise if we were in a shtf moment how dependent we are on the weather , for crops etc.


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