Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Coming Later

Been so busy today I am now about to collapse from over exposure and heat stroke. Finished cutting up the massive Maple tree with the 30+ inch trunk. Got the water from the basement pumped out AGAIN and then had a dump trailer load of fresh green Oak delivered right in front of the barn by a nice couple of guys from Kansas City who own a tree trimming business up there.

Their mother lives down here and wanted a huge old oak removed so they came and took it down and then brought it to me for disposal. What's more they actually cut it up into stove sized chunks too!!!!

I chuckled and said "What you didn't split it?"

Gave em all some honey for their troubles and now it's time for a shower and bed. Got to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow too so I won't be replying to comments and such for another day.

Until then thanks for stopping by and...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Wow, oak delivered sounds wonderful, are you sure you weren't dreaming the whole thing?
    I was at the feed store and there was some guy in there asking about barber pole worms and his goats. He had one that sounded like it was about done for and they were trying to sell him some vitamins or something. I tried to get him to get the proper wormer and dose them more often than they say but he wouldn't listen. I guess it doesn't matter they were just goats and only a couple had the swollen area under their jaws what could go wrong with the vitamin approach. Still wet perfect weather for them here.

  2. Put out your fires PP.

    One thing I've learned about The Smallhold is that good reading is worth waiting for.

  3. buddy - don't overdo it in the sun and humidity! and yes - some years ar write preppers we learn to adjust. but honestly - we have overdone it in the sun because we feel the need to "catch up" and we just end up getting sunstroked and sick. be careful buddy!

    sending much love as always! your friend,

  4. Don't you like it when things come together.


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