Friday, August 5, 2016

No. Both Parties are NOT the same

It's getting close to election time and once again I see the same tired old rhetoric coming in from here and there.

Both parties are the same....

All politicians are owned by big business, big banks, take your pick...

Won't make any difference anyway.

Well let me tell you guys something. How any Male and especially any White Male could even consider voting for a Femocrat today is totally beyond me. Unless for some reason that man happens to be in a cushy union or government job or getting government benefits I can't see how they could even think of voting femocrat. Even if they do receive some kind of femocrat championed benefits how they cannot see that if given a free hand the femocrats will cut the men off is beyond me too.

However let's examine a few other things.

It comes down to a matter of priorities. While I cannot deny that government is going to screw it's citizens over no matter if it is a Republican one or a Femocrat one, it's pretty easy to see the Femocrat one goes much further and takes it to a much more personal level.

How anyone can ignore the racial bias, White Male hatred, gun grabbing, wealth redistribution and sexist nature of pretty much everything Femocrats champion is something I just cannot wrap my brain around.

Sure the Republicans will usually make sure I pay out just as much one way or another, but at least I get to keep my job and guns while paying. I guarantee you Femocrats will make sure it becomes illegal for me to keep either if they have their way.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Reverend, you're gonna have to turn around. The choir has already been saved...

    If I had a wish, I would like to see the Republicans go back to a preaching for less taxes, less regulation and smaller government. I don't think either side has even considered that a possibility in over 30 years. Then again in that 30 years we've grown a generation of Snowflakes that are somehow "Entitled" to an easy life and they need a big government to take care of them. Freedom and liberty be damned.

    You are born entitled to air to breath and that's about it, you've got to work for everything else. I grew up poor and worked for an education and better life. Fact is there are times when I feel sorry for my kids that I could not raise them with the same crappy start in life that I had. There's a joy and pride to working for what you've got that too many of the next generation are not going to have. That's something that cannot be given as part of a government handout.

    1. Rest assured, the only reason you are entitled to breathe is because they haven't figured a way to tax/charge you for that yet. As soon as they do, you will no longer have that right.

    2. i think that there must be some pols somewhere who are figuring out how to tax sunlight so those with solar panels can be eternally taxed.

  2. The thought of a femocrat in power is disturbing to the ninth degree but "THIS" particular femocrat is simply terrifying. How can she even be the nominee is beyond me as her track record is lies built on lies and shady deal after shady deal...simply put if she gets elected GOD help this country.

  3. Another spot on post. I see they are going after the Gadsden flag now as racists. I read on another blog, about one thanking Auntie Nancy P for doing such a wonderful job, for the Fems. I almost gagged.

  4. Here in Missouri we have a race for governor between a democrat that used to be a republican and a republican that used to be a democrat. Heads they win, tales I lose!


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