Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Reading - Snooping in an Armored Car

Several weeks ago I got to get up close and personal with a Lenco Bearcat armored car. My interest was purely academic of course, just in case I ever ran into one strolling down my street or out in a corn field that didn't happen to fly an American flag and wasn't suppose to be there you understand.

The crew compartment is pretty roomy really with eight firing ports (three on each side and two out the back) that are fairly easy to open and close. The turret hatch was a bit harder to figure out and of course was empty and locked in place so I didn't get much of a feel for it. There are two more firing ports on the drivers and passenger's doors as well. Also a battering ram and wench in the front. The front grill is well sealed too.

Honestly I wasn't much interested in the crew compartment as I was a couple of select spots. Namely the side vent openings you can see right in front of and slightly lower than the sideview door mirror and the area behind the front tires up in the wheel well.

The front grill area is well protected with another panel of sheet metal behind the upward sloping grill metal and this large plate for the battering ram mounted on it.

The small side vents however have an almost direct line opening into the engine compartment when standing slightly behind the vent and looking forward. You can see day light and the top of the engine along with the top of the coolant tank.

Not much of a gap behind the tires but enough to expose a couple of key spots I think. After messing around with the vehicle I seriously have some doubts about it's off road capabilities, especially in a wet agricultural environment. In an urban setting though the thing is well protected.

I was just satisfying my own intellectual curiosity. It's not my intent to provide any theories for others to use or anything. I am not necessarily restrained in my opinion that civilian law enforcement have no business owning and operating these military vehicles. How many departments own one that have never been needed for years? Seems to me a quick lend lease agreement between the local National Guard and Law Enforcement would better serve the public's needs and save some money for the rare occasions it would be needed.

Anyway just thought I would have a look around the old girl. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. We followed one of these on the Interstate a few weeks ago...thank you for the info now we know what it was.

  2. You need to get an old 8N and convert it to steel wheels and put a big wedge on the front and a sharpened hay spear on the 3pt. Now when you install remote control on it the thing becomes and armored car killer or anything from town. It just flips them on their backs like a big old turtle. Armor doesn't do much good upside down. Just something to mess with in your spare time.

  3. Betraying my ignorance, but are those solid tires or "normal"? That might make a difference as well.

    Also Preppy, if no-one else has flagged you Patrice at Rural Revolution has a bee-keeping question (really, a wasp question) that could probably use your input.

  4. no matter how well armoured it is if you can't see you can't drive so a water balloon full of paint or an old sheet will slow one of these right down. if someone has to get out of the vehicle to remove a sheet from the windscreen you've got a nice soft target to work with

  5. Better to behind one, following, then in front.

  6. PP,

    Interesting vehicle, and very pricey.

  7. Per its specs, it can stop a .5 cal (.5mm plate, 2.5" glass). That is much better than the armored cars they haul money around in.

    The key is getting them stopped. Very hard to hit a moving target that is shooting back at you. One item to note would be the coverage from the gun ports to the angles and above.

    The problem of the idea that you can entirely suppress the occupants with firepower is that that is military thinking. The military has no problems blowing through a thousand+ rounds per engagement. Very few civilians (and I suspect police forces) can keep that up for long.

  8. they are very heavy, and subject to rolling over. thermite on top the hood is an idea. better yet, follow them to their lager point.

  9. Bee Go "skunk water". Take a pint mason jar. Add a wash cloth size rag and a half pint of skunk water. Tighten lid. Throw away the rubber gloves you used to prep this.
    Smash at the base of the windshield of the vehicle you want to disable.

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