Tuesday, August 9, 2016

When The Government Has Too Much Money

We've had a couple of fairly nice days lately with only some minor showers (usually over night) and milder temps that has allowed me to almost get things caught up around here believe it or not.  I got another round of mowing done, all of that massive old Maple tree cut up, split, stacked and hauled and believe or not even most of the weed eating done.

I am still behind in mowing around the bee hives and brush hogging the pasture though.

It was so cool the other night I decided to take a break and travel out to a spot I know of hidden in the middle of the National Forest land that dominates the local area I live in. The spot is on a road but so far out that after about 10PM the chances of hearing an engine (other than a plane maybe) is remote at best. It was chilly enough that being out felt really good and the coyotes were yipping to each other over miles from one ridge to another. I simply wanted to just kick back on the tail gate and listen for a bit and enjoy the unseasonably cool night air.

Now the spot I was sitting in is actually an entrance to a row of primitive camp sites and although there is a gate that says no one allowed in after 10PM unless camping I wasn't inside the gate. The gate was actually about 200 yards on further down.

I pulled in and was enjoying the night time forest sounds. Just as I predicted there were plenty of coyote packs challenging each other. I even had a raccoon come wandering up to investigate the truck. After about 15 minutes I see a flashlight bouncing down the road towards me. It took the guy about 5 minutes or so to walk the distance to my truck.

So this guy walks up and asks me what I am doing. My first response that I want to give is that it is none of his business but I decide to be at least a little bit amiable and just tell him I am enjoying the cool night air. He tells me he is a Forest service employee and that I cannot park where I am which is complete BS I am not actually in the park in reality. I am more than likely on the right away of the county maintained road but it doesn't say a thing about not parking there anyway.

See this is the problem we have today. A government with an unlimited credit card to hire all these Un-neccessary employees to be literally everywhere doing something that doesn't even need to be done. Local guys like me have been sitting in that spot since before I was born and never done a bit of damage that I have ever heard about. Now perhaps the guy was lying or maybe he just wanted to protect his own little publicly funded privately enjoyed spot but taking him at his word just points out the government doing something it has no right to do.

At any rate the conversation kinda ended with me basically telling the guy I was minding my own business and he should do the same or call the sheriff if he had an issue and he wandered back down the road. I stayed around a bit longer and then left the entire magic of the night now ruined.

I really hate government employees.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. They probably rolled a crew in full combat gear out there in a new armored vehicle soon after you left. They have all that stuff so they use it.
    We had a tornado near here that ripped up houses and killed a guy. The feds determined that there wasn't enough damage for them to get involved with so private people who had already paid taxes had to help the people. Funny how we can pay for all kinds of good deeds in countries that hate us and they couldn't help US citizens who got their homes destroyed.

  2. my dad's highest compliment was, 'he minds his own business.'.
    officiousness is justly and universally despised.

  3. No chit.

    And if you were a 300 lb. biker with tats and brass knuckles and ready to dish it out that flink prolly would have just minded his own business lest he have his flashlight shoved up his you-know-what!

    I once saw a report and you can believe it or else...but it basically said that if you cut every last single parasite off the dole... from Detroit's baby mommas and Dindu's to snivel servant Ponzi scheme winners - and redirected the savings at the national debt (the REAL one, not Obama's revised one) - it could be retired in 8 years.

    8 years!

    Our kids could afford homes and families of their own! They could save for THEIR OWN retirements and children! Hell, with the money left over they could take care of us old farts when the time comes!

    We are our own worst enemies...

  4. That's why we call it the forest circus!


  5. You gave him something to write in his 'report' to justify his existence.

  6. PP,

    Like you, we enjoy going out into the wilderness at any time of the day to just listen and watch God's gift. If this person didn't show credentials, I would have done exactly what you did.

  7. PP - totally and completely off topic - but i have recommended 3 people from 3 different blogs to contact you because they are first year bee keepers who have lost their hives due to one reason or another. check your email. and sorry - but you are the bee king and when people are having problems with bees - i always think of you because of all of your experience.

    love you buddy! your friend,

  8. My town became a much nicer place to be a home owner when they could no longer afford a full time code enforcement officer. Before that he would walk around with a tape measure to make sure our grass was not more than 6" high.

  9. You gave him the American answer Bravo


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