Monday, August 1, 2016

Failed Survival Camping

This morning when I arrived at work there was debris, litter and huge limbs all over the parking lot. It was obvious from the  mark on the service door that the water had been about knee high at some point over night. It had started to rain about 1PM. I know because I was out in it cutting up that tree for my Dad's friend when it started.

All those homeless shelters I mentioned and posted pictures of are literally gone. Emergency crews were busy pulling at least one body out of the creek this morning that I know of.

Never set up a camp in a flood plain in the Mid-West let me tell you. From the scene I viewed the water was at least 8 to 10 foot above it's bank as the tall grass was leveled yards away on the opposite side of the road. To get into the dealerships parking lot I work at it would have had to have come up at least ten feet to get out of the steep bank that has been created there.

It doesn't help that the area has been so engineered either I imagine. Removing the natural banks and putting in so many concrete shoots that speeds up the water flow in some areas and then hits the natural banks in others.

Needless to say my daily walk was off for today. In was still sprinkling by early afternoon so caught up on some nap time. Rainy days are at least good for that since I can nap and then not feel guilty about it later.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. When I worked in archaeology here in VA, we could look at a topographic map and just about mark where all of the prehistoric camp sites would be found. They were near water and up on the secondary terrace. A lot of the early settlers would build cabins on the same spots. Only modern man camps or builds houses in a flood plain it seems.

  2. Its the same in the UK building firms are putting up houses on flood plains and people are buying them, then they get flooded and complain interestingly they blame the government for flooding and not there own stupidity

  3. Our house is on a flood plain, but built on a mound so that the land does flood sometimes, but the house stays dry. We also have a walled courtyard out front which also protects us from the water, although so far it has never reached it.
    My brother had a new house built on the flood plains of the River Thames in the UK. I have never understood why he got in such a temper when it got flooded, but he did. We don't get in a temper when the river comes on to our land, just accept that it is part of living life by a river.


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