Friday, October 2, 2015

The Signs of Decline - The Final Feminizing of the Military

Stuck inside a bit this morning waiting on a business call so I have a bit more time to post than usual. I guess we can call this a taste of Winter time when my post counts go up a slight bit.

Over at Zerohedge this morning I saw this article with charts of the latest labor participation rate numbers.

Participation Rate Crashes to October 1977 Level

Add to that an article about the September payroll numbers and I think it's pretty obvious which direction we are still going in. I have noticed of late that some people seem to confuse free money and government deciding who wins as sure signs of a recovery. It isn't. Don't be fooled.

You may see some new homes going up, sales here and there, auto loans out the wahzoo and even businesses being built but always keep in mind the uneven playing field. As government decides who wins and who loses the books are cooked into the realms of fantasy and only those who fit the government's agenda win. It isn't a recovery but a redistribution.

Any Prepper or Homesteader out there can tell you it ain't how much you spend but on what that really counts and right now all this country is invested in is failure. We waste literally Trillions of dollars and uncountable resources on ideology that is simply doomed to fail. One of the latest being the final and complete Feminizing of the Military.

A Petticoat Military: Comedy in Uniform

Mostly the same old story. Old White guys folding to the Feminist only this time they are in uniform and once again another institution replays the later half of the 1900's were the pandering, political White Knights sacrifice the young Men for their own gain.

Why do officers put up with this? Because they are—you can’t lapse into the Anglo-Saxon in a polite column, so maybe–female-dominated catamites, moral milquetoasts, or (certainly accurate) politicians. Would they risk their benefits so as not to make a laughing stock of their men? You have got to be kidding.

I speak out against Feminism often on this blog but more dangerous than any screeching Feminist is the old pandering White Knights. Luckily most of us Men born in the 60's or later learned pretty quick growing up that we were the ones set to pay the price for these (ahem) Gentlemens lack of backbone and flirtatious flights of fancy. Mostly these catamites (to steal the articles term) are a self correcting problem as they age they find themselves mostly ignored as the target's of their interest no longer have a use for them but in some institutions like the military there are a few still around.

Apparently there are enough left in the military though which means once again the young Men will be the one's paying the price.

At least the picture above shows some of the older ones this time get to suffer some humiliation though.

Now tell me do you think it's a good investment for our military to be wearing fake pregnant training corsets so they can empathize with Women? Wonder how many Billions were spent on that program?

Keep in mind it was also counted in the GDP numbers too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Zero Hedge had several "Whoa" posts this morning. It is amazing how nobody in the media will talk about what is going on, like they want to surprise us or maybe they are afraid the messenger will be shot.
    The military is like many things that I have encountered, the scum seems to rise to the top and on occasion it has to be skimmed off for anything good to come of it.

    1. Sf - Well speaking as someone who was "skimmed" I have to agree with you. At the time it upset my entire apple cart and put me almost 10 years behind where I should have been career-wise and financially but these days I have to say I am glad it happened when it did. I like to think if I had been able to make a career of it like I had planned that I would refuse to be their patsy now. I have made similar stands and lost before but I do have to wonder if I would make the sacrifice on moral grounds or fold like the guys in charge today do.

  2. I thought he was being satirical about women in the army. It didn't occur to me that he actually was supposed to be wearing that garb! Wow!

    That will give the miniatures folks a new figure to collect. What would you call it: rear echelon empathizers? So do the women have a suitably male custom to empathize with?

    1. Russ - They were already starting to push forced cross dressing and empathy stuff when I was in back in the early 1990's. It was rare and I never actually saw it happen but they were talking about it.

      If they handle it like my former employer no the Women never have to dress up. Of course it ain't like they wear the actual stuff they try and force on the Men either.

  3. woman in combat:

    1. Heh that's gotta be a hoax. I think the screaming, whining female voice was added in after the fact.


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