Monday, April 6, 2015

Atheism and Prepping

I been steering away from politics and religion posts the last few months. Not so much because I care if I piss people off but because I think we have definitely reached the point of no return in all of those areas and the one's that connect to them like Feminism etc.. I doubt very much there is any turning the tide now by voting or attempting to re-establish morality on a social level. About the only thing Christian preppers can do now is withdraw as much as possible and ride this train wreck to it's end while doing everything possible to keep the light shining on a local level or be a beacon when the whole house of cards falls apart.

What I still find amazing is how many of these atheist and pagan types attempt to worm their way into the circle of prepping and sustaining blogs. None of them do a very good job from my observations as none of them are really even attempting to live the life. Almost all of them are obvious Statist worshipers.

I did a little jaunt around clicking on random links last night and noticed that every atheist blog that has attempted to worm it's way into the prepping or patriot III community over the years that was bashing Easter had a few common attributes.

They were all on the public welfare dole. Either sponging early retirement funds off public pensions or milking disabilities that they more than likely caused themselves from abusive living but somehow managed to hand the bill over to the public. I especially liked the one that was bashing organized religion and wealth accumulation why they soak up public funds given to them by one of the largest wealth accumulator and redistribution organizations that has ever lived.

These sites may pay a bit of homage every now and again to sustainable living by planting a Tomato in a pot and taking a picture of it but for the most part they talk about themselves, their knick knacks and randomly complain about how other people should pay more taxes or generally do something like die to make their lives easier by creating shorter lines at the government medical center.

Not that I am overly religious myself but can any of you imagine a post collapse world filled with atheist and pagans? No baseline morality shared across a community, no single belief system that may have some variance but still upholds to a central common theme. Hypocrisy running dominate as each is only out to get for themselves with little regard for others or the future. Since atheist also seem to come from the government sector they will all be "Here to help" as long as you can assure them a pension for the rest of their lives.  Everything will be public property to be redistributed how they see fit and to whom after they take their cut of course.

No private property, no rights to speak of as everyone must pay their fair share. Everyone but them that is. Charity will be mandatory but again for whom and how they decide.

One caveat I might add is I know there are a few blogs that do not call themselves Christian but pretty much live by Christian morality. Whatever one might think of them I must admit you don't see them going around bashing Easter or other Christian celebrations.

Personally I just don't see how a lack of belief in Christ is compatible with Prepping, community and sustainable living.  I have tried to keep an open mind about such things but I just cannot connect the dots. I am not saying we must all live the lives of the plain people but it seems to me that the base belief in the morality of Christianity is as much a corner stone of prepping as gardening and producing is.

I noticed today that a couple of the sites have taken down their anti-Easter rants. Perhaps the rest of the online prepper community agrees with my point of view.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I live what I like to think is a good and honest life and I'm an atheist, I hope this doesn't change your opinion of me because really it shouldn't. I like to think that the Christian values are a good set of rules to live your life by and they're what I follow, but I don't need fear of damnation to make me do right.
    I have no problems with anyone else following and practising their own religion and see that belief is key to the way some people live. We live next to the church and I make sure I don't make any loud noise with machinery whilst they're in service and I'm friends with many in the village who are strong Christians and I do odd jobs for the church and help out when I can.
    As for Atheism not working in a prepping situation, I'll let you know if we get there...

    1. Consider the "wager" by Blaise Pascal.

    2. Kev - Well I tried to cover those like yourself in my exception paragraph. I know there are a few out there who practice Christian morals and yet don't call themselves Christians. I figure as long as you are respectful to Christians and share the same base ideology than judgement is not mine to make but reserved for the time you are proven wrong :)

      I was really referring to those who make it a habit to bash Christians repeatedly, especially on Christian holidays.

      My guess is there have been many Christians who did actually believe until the end and yet followed Christian morals their entire lives. Back then though they could openly admit to their doubts as much as they can today.

    3. That should have been back then they couldn't openly admit.....

  2. You can add me in with Kev. I spent the better part of my life creating windows for all denominations of churches. I always did the best work I was capable of doing. For some of us, a strong sense of morality does not need any other reason than that it is the right way to be. I always try to treat others as I would like to be treated. My previous life:

    1. MV - Well as I said I am really talking about matters of morality and social teachings or more to the point the lack of that seems to be missing in those who renounce and attack Christianity. Matters of your own personal belief aside treating those as you would be is a basic Christian teaching.

  3. As long as we do not bash each other, making the choice to be a Christian, or as n atheist it is a personal decision. Some people live a " moral" life without God, and that's their choice, I certainly don't look down on them. As a Christian I make my decisions based on love of God, certainly not because I'm afraid of eternal damination.
    One thing I know is although I am not a prepper, I am trying to be prepared with an eye to the future. But ultimately most of my decisions are based on my faith.
    Thankfully our great country allows us the freedom to choose.

    1. LW - Exactly. As I replied to Kev and Muddy the ultimate belief is their own. I suspect that many had doubts throughout time but 100 years ago or more they just followed the Christian norms and still identified as Christian.

  4. PP - you know i always come out of the gates swinging for you! and this time is exactly the same as last time. as you know, me and jam have what some would call some "weird-ass beliefs" (you're one of those people!)...but when it comes down to brass tacks - we are very christian. as are most of the folks in our 2 sister communities. and it is a blessing to be surrounded by so many who consider themselves christians, both in our actual community and in our on-line community. many people may consider themselves of other beliefs and of that i have absolutely no problem. if they demonstrate christian beliefs in their words, thoughts and deeds - then i accept them.

    much love brother! your friend,

  5. Those of like mind, Christian or no, will find each other out.

    The time for conversation about such matters - honest discourse, anyway - seems to have passed.

  6. what sticks out like a very sore thumb amongst all the 'environmentalists' who espouse suicide for the rest of us, as a way to control 'overpopulation', medicare expenses, et cetera is that none of them say, 'me first!!!'.
    why is that?and why, if atheists have no belief, do they talk about God
    ALL of the time? they cannot shut up about Him!

  7. I was brought up in a relatively strict Dutch Reformed Church family back in the 50's and early 60's. I pretty much turned away from it for the better part of my adult life. I just ignored the whole subject. When my wife became terminally ill, I felt the guiding hand of God help me and her work our way through the most difficult time of our lives. I still don't go to a church, but my faith in Him has been strengthened. I do find atheists quite irritating and wish they would just shut the heck up and leave the believers alone. I agree with Deborah, if they don't believe, fine, but then stopping talking about Him all the time.

    Carl in the UP

  8. Deborah and Anonymous: For you to classify all atheists as anti Christian is a thoughtless as an atheist comparing all Christians as bible thumping door to door proselytizers. Both the above are in the minority. There are fanatics in both camps.
    Personally, I find the militant atheists just as irritating as you do. I feel the same way about people that make broad ignorant generalizations too.

  9. Overzealous Atheists are just as annoying as overzealous Christians. I agree with Kev, I'm an Atheist, but I live a moral life. I know the difference between right & wrong, do my job to the best of my ability, raise my kids to be respectful, and treat my wife like the wonderful woman she is, and I do all that without the fear of eternal damnnation. I have a lot of very religious friends of different denominations, and many undecided & Atheist friends. I do find your wide brush painting of Atheists a bit too wide though, considering how many Christians have publically fallen to shame due to their own morals collapsing. I'm sure that there's been Atheists gone down the same road, they just weren't in the public eye, telling everyone else how to live their lives, while living a totally different life behind the scenes.
    Imagine a post collapse Atheist? Well, since my view is that I only have one shot, and once that's over, I'm worm food, I'd be willing to bet it'd be just fine.

  10. Kev, MV, Etc.

    I think the problem comes that some Atheist still live by Christians norms and moral codes.

    I guess all I can say at this point is that the Liberal Lefty Atheist really overshadow the Conservative moral ones. I think the same could have been said about Liberal Christians in the past but that is a dying breed.

  11. If they are throwing rocks at Easter, I guess they shouldn't be surprised if some get thrown back. But I am a little nervous about assuming a presumption of moral superiority over someone else. That tends to be one of the most annoying traits of the large self riotous subset of Christians: particularly amusing when many of them don't seem to be able to make the effort to get to church. But toning down self righteousness goes back to earliest Christian writing (St. Paul in Ephesians 2:8 is in part addressing this), so it has been an "issue" even from the start.


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