Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday Reading

That's Hazel like all the sheep we have around here they are always hungry. I still say the only reason they follow me around so readily is they think they are going to get food out of the deal.

Well I got all the old wire pulled out of the Alfalfa field today. A huge pile of it is now filling my trailer with the sides on it.

I then put the blade on the tractor and pulled all the posts from the old fence line except five or six in the back that were still solidly in place and in good condition.

The flat bed trailer is completely stuffed with all the other junk I got out of the pasture.

That's pretty much the last of it though until I tear down the old hog shed anyway. That old water tank was a bitch and a half to get out and get loaded and then strapped down let me tell you. Looks like I have at least two runs to make to the scrap yard this week.

As usual the neighbor dogs showed up Friday afternoon and haven't left yet. I guess they just know I am going to be outside all weekend so just come to hang out and beg for food. I don't really mind since mostly they just lay around but they do chase the cats and the cats get really pissed at me for not running the dogs off.

Here's the mud pit behind the barn. I swear I am going to get this drainage problem fixed this year. I have made some progress on it since now it's only the size of a small garden pond. I just need to scrape up the extra funds to buy a metal culvert to put in. Seems like something more pressing always comes up and keeps delaying the culvert.

I finished the ethnic engineering on the plow this afternoon but ran into a slight problem. My cross bar idea worked perfectly but the top hitch is too far back and I don't have an adjustable arm that reaches out that far. I tried rigging up something with a bit of chain just to move it but it allows the plow to fall backwards.

Funny thing is the plow actually works I just need to figure a way to be able to raise it off the ground.

More ethnic engineering work is in order here.

Happy Easter!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I wish you lived closer. I've got a long top link I'd give you and a load of culvert I probably won't ever use.

    1. MV - I am not sure an extra long one will work either. I think it's more a weight balance issue and it is allowing the implement to turn on the hitch as well making the bottom fall backwards. The top point needs to be brought up as well as forward I think to work against the bottom two.

      Not to say I wouldn't have a use for the top link and the culvert though :)

  2. I need to do loads of drainage in my first field as ot lies wet for so long. The trouble is that's where all my tack is and I spend most of my time. Dad has got a radio controlled tracked vehicle that has a ditcher on the front so I'm hoping that will be an easy way to get drains dug but I'll be the first to try doing it. All very high tech (he hires them out to local authorities) but it should save days of work. As for your load if scrap I think you'd get copped if you drove that down the road here!

    1. Kev - Most of the drainage problem behind the barn is from the barn itself. All the gutters from that big roof go tot he back there and there is a little dip int he ground. I am hoping once I get the new fence project finished I can direct most of the runoff into a catchment system with the overflow going under ground passed the dip.

      I wish I had a remote controlled track ditching vehicle that sounds like the BOMB!!!! I bet it's not only useful but loads of fun at parties too :)

      Rural cops are a little lax about wide loads out here.

  3. You are going to get your supervisors upset with those dogs hanging out. Cats don't forget things like that.
    I was looking at your scrap metal and figuring out what I could make with it. The large round thing could be made into a brooder.

    1. Sf - It would make a good brooder if I had a building with enough space to house the thing in. I was thinking about using a slightly smaller version for that though.

      I do have a slight tinged knowing some of that scrap could be worked into other useful things if I had my forge finished but I don't have any place to store it and right now it's in the way.

  4. PP,

    I hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter?

    You'll figure something out for your plow on how to get it off the ground.
    You really know how to tick off your cats by allowing the neighbor dogs to stay, lol......
    Just wait my friend, your cats will be figuring out a pay back.

    1. Sandy - Thanks!!! I had a very productive Easter with some excellent lamb stew too.

      The cats are plotting something, you are right there. I can feel it.


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