Monday, April 6, 2015

Lambs 8 and 9

We just delivered lambs numbers 8 and 9 this evening. A little Black ram and White ewe. I went back down to check on them tonight and tried to take a picture but they wouldn't cooperate as the little girl was laying in her mom's food bowl. I didn't want to go in and disturb their first nights sleep too much so this picture will have to do until tomorrow.

I am betting mom isn't too happy that her daughter is using the last of her yummy alfalfa hay as a bed. We feed the nursing moms a little straight alfalfa twice a day besides their normal diet for a little boost in the milk production. Generally the ladies will go to great lengths to nibble every leafy bit of the stuff so this says something that she is such a considerate mother that she hasn't made the little one vacate the bowl.

This ewe actually had the lambs out in general population all on her own but we got there soon after and moved them into the last open maternity stall. I guess the next birth will mean I either have to make a separate pen or evict one of the early mothers and off spring. We try to keep mother and offspring isolated together for about a week if at all possible. Sometimes though over crowding means some families don't get as much bonding time as others.

We are suppose to be getting another round of storms moving in again tomorrow so I bet we get another round of births to go with em.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. PP,

    Oh, how adorable!!! Two more babies......
    Yes, more storms for us too. Hang in there, hopefully these mama's will wait for the storms to pass.

  2. Just too cute! How many are you expecting or wanting? How long do they spend with Mom?


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