Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Rainy Day

It's been raining all night and most of the day at the Small-Hold but I did manage to get the last of the old scrap/junk metal cut up, loaded and strapped down to my truck and trailer. I decided that it was a bit too windy to try hauling that huge round water tank that is wider than my truck down the road however today. Although the water tank was hit by a tractor (I wasn't driving) it still holds water and I figured out that what I thought was a good idea in putting it on the trailer and using it as kinda it's own truck bed to haul smaller metal scrap in was a mistake.

Luckily I discovered the problem before the water got too deep in it and punched a bunch of holes to let the water out before it broke my trailer.

The top picture has been my only purchase and move towards gardening so far this year. A couple of Black Raspberry plants I gave the wife for our anniversary. She loves that kind of gift and now get's to not only research to see if we need a cross pollinator but will also make the final decision of  where they go and direct me in the planting. Mrs. PP LOVES to be in charge of a project.

Since it was raining I had thought I would spend most of the day cleaning and getting my shop back in order. It's a real mess with re-loading and bullet casting stuff still laying everywhere, boxes of screws and nails I have yet to find a home for. Power tools littering the floor and half finished projects leaning up here and there along with the frame filled boxes of this year's deadouts.

Here's looking in the door.



Far left towards the honey harvesting storage area.

As you can see it's a real mess and needs straightened out so I can start on this year's bee hive construction. I was really feeling all dismayed by it until I was reading John's blog last night and saw his work shop.

At least I can still kinda walk in mine and what is that a handle to a lawnmower on top of everything else? No wait it's a dolly handle LOL. After that picture I decided I could let my mess of a shop go for a few more days :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

And clean your shop :)


  1. Well that's just fine and dandy PP, you may well mock the state of my little workshop but he who laughs last and all that......revenge will be mine I tell ya ;-)

    1. John - Is there an actual floor in your shop? :)

    2. Funny you should mention that as on the day my photo of 'the desolation of gweithdy' was taken I actually laid extra boarding on the floor to strengthen and make it easier to sweep (yes I know ironic). Your going to be jealous when I'm done in there ;-)

    3. John, installing flooring to allow to you to sweep made my day. Thank you for the laugh!

  2. Kinda looks like my shop, but I am making a little progress towards cleanup. Someday my work area will be neat and tidy. I plan on install French cleat hangers as soon as I can clean up enough to reach the wall.

  3. Well, I'm glad you're a man who knows how to buy his wife a proper gift. ;) Seriously, I'd rather have something like that too than the usual mush stuff.

    Raining here too (and raining and raining). Straightening up and cleaning out, though, are always a good project. Good idea for my soggy day today.

  4. That rain is supposed to hit us today and of course I have to work outside but at least it isn't cold so far. I don't need any rain as it just got to where I can get some stuff done. You are far more organized than I am so far.

  5. I only have a workbench and a garage but they are none the less not clean for not being a shop. Something to work on.

  6. Not got any black raspberries but I like the sound of them. Have you got any autumn fruiting ones in? They're superb as they crop for months and require little to no maintenance. As for your workshop it makes me feel better about mine but no by much!


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