Friday, April 3, 2015

Females and Storms

What is it with pregnant females of whatever specie you pick and insisting on having their babies at the absolutely most inhospitable point they can manage to have them at around their due date?

That's one of the burning questions I have had about Females in general since I was old enough to have a stake in the process. The other being why my wife HAS to use every available pot, pan, measuring cup, spoon, etc. every time she cooks but that's a different post.

Temps have been really mild here for the last two weeks and we haven't had any real blustery blowing storms either until this morning. Winds blowing out of the North at 25+ MPH rain pouring down, thunder cracking and guess who stops asking for ice cream with pickles and decides to get busy?

So far three of the ewes have popped this morning. The first one was Seven who had twin little girls. She managed it all on her own but since she had a still born last year she was a little confused about what came next. Maris, Sevens Mother, decided to step in and play midwife and then also decided Seven would make a lousy mother and was in the process of stealing her grandbabies when we got on the scene. Through no little effort we got Maris away and into the next birthing stall and Seven with her lambs tucked in, cords snipped and treated, lambs nursing all was well. Then Maris had triplets.

While dealing with the triplets Milly one of the other older ewes snuck into the third birthing stall and had a pair of twins.

So my morning was completely shot. I just came in to eat a little something and go back out to be sure all the new babies are warm and feeding properly. The storms are suppose to pass over in another hour or so but temps are predicted to fall below freezing tonight.

Been beautiful 70 degree days and lower 50 nights the last week or so, a little light rain but perfect new lamb weather, but noooooo, they have to drop em today.

I'll take some pictures this afternoon to post tonight. If I have any more of the ewes pop today it's going to b tough finding an unoccupied birthing stall for them.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. It be raining lambs over there PP.

  2. Sounds like a great start to the lambing! That must mean its down hill from here...

  3. Awwww PP ya can't set your watch with babies, we are up to our ears witb baby chicks here.
    i wanna see some pics of your new additions...

  4. PP,
    I bet the barometric pressure change has a lot to do with when the babies start being born. Which in most cases is when the weather turns to crap.

    As for women cooking with everything they have in the kitchen, that's because you're doing the dishes, Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!


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