Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Reading - Finally Catching Up a Bit

Believe it or not there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. I got all the walls finished this morning. I had to do some major patch hanging around the twin windows and door at the front of the cabin because the paneling Mom purchased was a special order that was damaged with no way to get more. By hook and crook I managed to get enough out of the last two sheets to get it covered. There were of course a few little gaps barely a millimeter wide here and there but she was happy.

Now I have to frame in her closet and cut the trim tomorrow and I should be done. I doubt it will take me more than a a couple of hours.

I went into town to get the studs for the closet and picked up a couple of parts to put a tap on the water line that goes to the barn. I am NOT dealing with busted water lines this year. I tried heated tape which seems to go bad pretty fast and I wrapped all the pipes in insulation but I am not taking any chances at all. My plan is to shut that line off when the temps are predicted to fall into the single digits and drain the water out of the entire line.

What the hell it ain't like I am not dealing with water in the basement now anyway, whats a few gallons more? :)

It rained all day yesterday and snowed most of the day today and as of this morning no extra water showed up down there. Seems to be only a really heavy rain period that does it.

I even had time to split a load of wood for the furnace and if I don't have to work tomorrow I hope to get another load split then as well, which should replenish my racks back to a level I am comfortable with. Looks like weather permitting I can get back to wood cutting next weekend too. It's a good thing I got started so early this year I guess or I would really be hurting.

they are predicting a low of 9 degrees tonight, then a brief warm up tomorrow into the twenties followed by a Tuesday and Wednesday of single digits. Burrrrrrrr. As much as I love Winter I certainly could do without the teen and single (or minus) digit temps myself.  Still it's times like these that make us Ice Apes shine.

Now off to catch up with the news of the world and get my final little chore done for the day. Maybe more coming tonight maybe not.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We are actually in the 50s somehow, not supposed to last as your cold is coming this way. We only have a couple months of the nasty stuff.

    1. Ya I was just thinking myself we really only have about 7 more weeks when it can get really nasty cold at most. Sometimes we get the false Spring effect to in February when it is usually dry and perfect weather for getting stuff done.

      I love false Spring :)

  2. Bitter cold here, and son in Florida was kind enough to tell us it was 80 today in Orlando. How nice of him.

    1. Just wait until this decline really heats up Rob. You will be happy for the cold months. Trust me.


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