Monday, January 5, 2015

You Know You're a Tolkien Geek when.....

You can look at this picture and realize you recognize the geography of a fantasy land well enough to pick out landmarks.

Extra credit to those who can name the lower mountain range in that picture :)

Extra Extra credit if you can tell me what land lies on the left cheek.

Hat tip to Wirecutter from whence I stole the picture.....

Feeding chores are done now off to get more small house construction finished. Perhaps I will take some more pictures today.


  1. a) the White Mountains
    b) either Enedwaith or Gondor, depending if your gaze travels north or south, ya perv ... er, geography lover.

    Heh. :)

    1. RP - Heh. I took her left to be the one West of the Gap of Rohan so Enedwaith is correct although I would ahve excepted Dunland more specifically :)

      As a bonus round who lives under the White Mountains?

    2. EEE Gads.... Mistyped Have and used excepted for accepted. I must have been tripping.

  2. There's a map in that picture?

    I'll have to look again

  3. Sorry I was distracted by the glimpse of the mines of moria at the bottom of the map....

    1. Ro - The Mines would actually be where her tramp stamp would normally set in that picture... Oh wait I get it..... Hahahahaha :)


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