Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mustard and Black Locust in Bloom, Garden is Planted

The mustard has actually been blooming for a bit now but I have noticed the bees don't really work the mustard flowers much until after the fruit tree blooms have dried up. I also noticed the Black Locust was in bloom this weekend. For some areas Black Locust is an important honey flow crop and I am sure my girls work some around here as well but we seem to have more Honey Locust than Black Locust at least nearby.

I finished all the initial planting today. Got another row of mixed bush beans and four hill/rows of assorted melons in the ground. The Cowpeas have almost all sprouted now but the pole beans seem to be taking their own sweet time. Out of about 50 or so planted I only saw maybe four or five sprouts. I may end up having to replant them. If I haven't seen anymore sprouting out of them by midweek I think I will sow some more.

The cucumbers haven't started sprouting yet either except for two I think I saw from the Lemon Cucumber section but it looks like the potatoes have survived the rain storms and are pushing up some now.

It's just a matter of seeing how long the rain storms keep me from weeding and when I can get sufficient yard waste spread over the open areas now. The race is on between me and weeds and that evil Bindweed/Morning Glory crap. I seem to have eradicated it from about 70 or 80% of the garden area now but there is a small center section that has it bad this year. I have found if you just constantly, and I mean constantly dig it up you can eventually get ahead of it but it takes forever and comes back pretty fast.

That's about it for today. Looks like we have another bit of thunderstorms moving into the area tonight. A large front just passed North of us and is suppose to build up South on the backside.

Of course you all know what's next on my agenda as soon as I can get out again don't ya? Yep the grass needs mowing..... AGAIN... ARRRGGHHHH.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. Good for you and the garden. The trees are starting to pop, I have not seen any bees yet, but the flies are crazy. had 5 on the kitchen window. I have only seen two yards mowed here in town, none in the park as of yet. Lucky us. A Happy Mom's Day to the Mrs.

  2. Rain here yesterday, and looks like it again today. Didn't get any of the roof work done in consequence. I did take the wife to breakfast yesterday for mother's day.


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