Sunday, May 11, 2014

Man What a Day

We got pounded by the wind hard last night about 10pm. I heard some thunder and saw lightening flashes and was heading out the door to roll up the windows on the cars when I saw our deck chairs sail by at about 60 MPH followed by more unidentifiable stuff. It ripped the plastic downspout out of it's top funnel and blew about two dozen sheets of metal roofing off a trailer as well. The metal sheets were weighted down by two old tires as well so that wind had to have some force behind it. I found two of the sheets a good 30 yard and across a fence line from the trailer they were stacked on.

Needless to say some of the poor new plants took yet another beating. I will be surprised if the 40 bucks worth of grapes I bought survive this horrible windy Spring we been having.

I went to get my mother a Mother's day present and settled for electric fence material :)

Ya I know many of you might think it's like buying your wife a bowling ball that fits your own hand perfectly but to tell you the truth she loved it. She is always complaining about not having enough fencing materials. Of course I promptly turned around and used most of it to finish off the fence around the area I want to stop mowing but since it is mostly her own sheep going in there she will benefit from it.

While heading into town for the fence stuff I baited all my swarm traps and then found I had captured a swarm at the trap I keep in town. Last time I checked that trap was last Sunday so I have no idea how long they been in there. This is the third swarm I have caught in that location as I got two from there last Summer. There has to be a hive or two nearby and my guess is it's in someone's house. I figure I am doing the home owners a favor because I bet those swarms would end up inside someone's soffit or attic if I didn't catch em.

So after finishing the new fence, repairing the downspout and picking up some of the sheet metal until the wind started making that dangerous I am now going to head in and pick up the new swarm and move it to the garden apiary tonight.

At least I know swarm season has for sure started about 20 miles South of me. Of course my theory remains that the city colonies have mush easier Winters than the country bees so we may be a few weeks behind out here yet.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I dislike wind more than about any weather condition, it is really dangerous, around here it is the trees blowing down.
    Grapes are pretty tough, they may come out of it OK.

  2. Yeah. Wind can be scary. I don't go up in my woods during any kind of wind. I keep a small chainsaw in the Jeep just to clear the road from the limbs and occasionally a tree that drop on it.

  3. We've been getting pounded with the wind here too. Today we were having gusts of 40mph and around 20mhp as an all day thing. Our rabbit hutches are all connected with tin over the top and really big stones to hold the tin down. It's pretty heavy for sure, We had a gust that actually blew the whole thing over. The entire thing! These winds are like living on Galveston Island.
    Congrats on your swarm catch!

  4. PP,

    The winds were terrible. Hubby and I put up more wind breaks on the garden, and wired down a rain barrel to prevent it from being knocked over. Hopefully, your grapes plants made it through those heavy winds and didn't get destroyed.

    Congrats on the new swarm!!

  5. Windstorms can be mean. Glad you're okay.


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