Friday, May 9, 2014

A Quick Update - New Job, Bees and the Garden

On top of all my Spring projects and eagerly awaiting swarming time you may have noticed I mentioned being called into work several days this week. Ya I know but well I needed to get back into the grind a little and in my own defense it is the least responsible position I could find so I am not helping the looters like I was in my last position. In fact in my opinion I am helping the decline along by facilitating their purchase of high dollar gas guzzling vehicles. I find this much more palatable than loading up boxes of Feminist/Multi-cult propaganda destined for the indoctrination facilities otherwise known as our public school system.

Honestly I was day dreaming about making some kind of statement in my last job and I am glad I got out when I did or I may be under investigation now or perhaps even locked up. Yes it was that bad and it made me sick to think I was helping to spread the garbage that company trafficked in.

I literally helped load pallets of regime approved common core books, biographies of monsters such as the current golfer in chief and of made up heroes of the Multi-Cult Left for blood money. If I had done it much longer the only way I felt I was going to come clean was to put a bullet through my head. Seriously.

Now the closest I come to helping out the Multi-Culters is when I shuttle a new Prius into town.

It is amazing how much more pleasurable it is to work for a company and people who appreciate their employees and don't constantly hassle you either. I admit I enjoyed running the various lift trucks and reach lifts but it wasn't worth staying at that company.

On the plus side I work when the shipments come in and they don't bother to schedule overtime just for the sake of busy work. The goal and amount of work is out in the open for all to see and I can bow out anytime I want if I have other pressing matters. No attendance points or vacation to get approved. Also no benefits but I don't want them either. It's really just a low paid but relaxing job to help pay the bills while I grow my small farm business up. I just hope I continue to get just the right amount of hours to make it lucrative. So far so good but we will see.

On to other matters.

Still not even a rumor of a swarm anywhere but I checked my Bee journal and to be honest except for a very few April swarms every now and again most swarms I caught didn't show up until Mid May and then it didn't get going hot until June. I expect this year will run later because the bees were so devastated by this harsh Winter as well.

My hives though seem to be building up now more than before so there is that.

I am seeing the first green shoots from the garden seed planting as well. I think the ground wasn't as warm as I thought it was due to that last cold snap we got and it took this latest warm spell to bring it up to a good germination temperature. Add in the rain we got yesterday, almost an inch and a half, and things started popping up while I was working today.

All I have left to do is get one more row of bush beans planted and the melons in. I have about half a days work scheduled for tomorrow but there is rain in the forecast again tomorrow afternoon. If the rain holds off I should get finished with my planting. If not it may be a few more days. Still everything seems to be going along a bit ahead of schedule so no complaints here yet.

Give me another day or two and I am sure I will find something to complain about once again. That rain sure made the grass grow again so it will be THAT time in another day or two. Grass mowing is sure to put me in a foul mood.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. You have got the world by the tail, just be careful back there! lol
    It is good that all that rain didn't mess up the seeds, we got a little rain but I think I can keep planting later.

  2. Congratulations on the seeds! I am hoping that mine will come up now that summer is pretty much here, but fear I may have to replant. Congrats on the job as well - it is always so interesting to me how different it is to work for and with adults...

  3. Congrats on the seeds and the job. Thanks for posting this. I had lost hope for a swarm. I just need to be patient.............

  4. I missed this earlier. Congrats.

    I have been swamped with work. To the point were it is getting a little old.


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