Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Had a Dream

I once had a dream. It entailed mankind reaching out into space. Perhaps a Lunar Base by the time I hit young adulthood or even asteroid mining before I got old. It involved aerospace pilots as numerous as airline pilots and opportunities for all. A dream where technological advancements kept coming decade after decade and the government was more worried about finding cleaner and better ways to do things, not putting my grandchildren into debt for senseless social engineering schemes.

This dream would have had room for each of us to work to our best ability with no limits on achievement and more importantly no obstacles for a few to make it easier on others.  It had hope for new forms of energy that would free us from constant wars and financial slavery. A new frontier where men could live free by an honorable code. A new "land" where the laws were based on morality and "do unto others". A place where violating those laws cost you more than just waiting in a room getting three hots and a cot. A society where thieving, murdering and raping did not increase your status within the group.

In my dream if you had the skills and desire to be a pilot you were weighed by those criteria not kept at the back of the line because of your skin color or gender. In my dream those who were good in math and science used those skills, they didn't have to wait longer for government tuition because there were not enough "Fill in the Blank" wanting to be engineers. Of course in my dream anyone could afford their own college tuition anyway. In my dream if a fire threatened a neighborhood all able bodied people were welcome to help not kept at bay by paid para-military guards behind yellow police tape.

In my dream the government spent what they got and prospered because we were all moving forward. In my dream property rights were honored and there was no TSA, NSA or Homeland security calling me a domestic terrorist or reading my mail. In my dream NASA was still reaching for the stars not searching for potential Arab or African scientist. In my dream those scientist would have been searching for NASA.

In my dream there was no knock out game or 97 year old women being raped. In my dream the news reporters gave you the facts not rhetoric tailored to increase a social outcome. In my dream the government let people live the way they wanted to live and next to whomever they wanted to live next to.

I guess my dream just wasn't good enough.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Your dreams are more eloquent than mine. Maybe I need to change my medicine.

  2. You were dreaming, once government does anything other than true defense and infrastructure things start going awry.

  3. that's a beautiful dream, PP. i only wish there was a way for it to be reality.

    your friend,

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  5. ( sorry had to re-write it)

    It saddens me because my two boys have all kinds of ideas about what they hope to be when they grow up. An Astronaut, A jet pilot, A professional baseball player so they can buy mommy and daddy a big new house..
    They ask what college, and which one I would like them to go to.
    I can't be honest with them right now and tell them that due to social and economic issues of the current generation, that the dreams the next generation has most likely will not become reality. It just really pains me...

  6. Many of us have dreams, only to have them taken away by others.

  7. Now we live the nightmare TPTB have created. We keep it at bay the best we can. Many have gone to great expense to move away to the fringe of the nightmare, but the long tentacles of the alphabet agencies reach out to all.

    I no longer want my kids to go to college where they will have to do double duty to learn the bs the "professor" spews out and maintain what we have taught them about God, society and the true role of gov. I'm all for trade schools where they can learn a real craft. I mentioned to several people who have sons without jobs other than seemingly to be video game test subjects, that I've never seen a small engine repair person without work. My brother's odd job service keeps him employed almost daily. Neither job will make you rich, but that's not the end goal of most of us.

    Now our dream is to live and be left alone by dotgov. Even that is becoming more and more difficult as each day goes by. Why should I have to be silenced in order to be left alone and will any eventual internet silence be another marker the dotgov spies use to mark me, along with homeschooling, marksmanship activities, avid letter writing to rep/sens, Church and GOD, being or being married to "former action guy"...

    I dream of a world in which my grandbabies won't have to deal with this garbage.


  8. What they've said. I shared much of the same dream as a boy/young man, until I got out on my own & realized what a black hole government is. It tolerates no disagreement, and consumes everything it touches.

    Unlikely to change, this side of open revolt.


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