Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moving Right Along

The power line tree trimmer crews didn't bring me any wood chips today but now that I think about it I didn't see any of their trucks running around either. Perhaps they have moved on and my dump site is no longer convenient for them. I hope not but to date they have brought me about five or six huge loads of woodchips. I would say that easily equates out to 15 or more truckloads on my own. By the looks of the pile I have enough out there to cover the area I was hoping to put the new fruit trees in earlier this year. I am glad I didn't get that project any further along than I did or else it wouldn't have been open for the dumping and I would have spent a ton on gas. I will wait until I haven't seen them for at least a week or so before I finish off the area by spreading the chips out and bordering it with railroad ties.

I know the crews brought in three loads yesterday and from what I have been seeing it's usually about every other day that they fill up those trucks. It would be nice to get about another 10 or 12 loads though because if I do I can move some over to the garden as well.

The homestead chores have now revolved around to getting the trimming and tree cutting done that I have been letting go all Summer. It's usually about November or so before I start burning the furnace a bit at night so with the trees I have around the place that gives them plenty of time to cure enough to add a bit slower burning wood to my piles. I also have three trees that died during the drought last year that are relatively small but I will cut them up as well. I try to start cutting at least two or three days a week by the first of September so I can be sure to be stocked completely by January to last until April.

Last years late harsh and wet Winter got me down to just a few sticks a couple of times as I was unable to get into the places I needed to due to the snow. I am seriously going to try and prevent that happening this Winter.

The squash and melons are about done for now. The pumpkins are still holding on at the edges but the center has collapsed and the sheep are feeling kinda sad. The rams especially put on some serious weight eating all those squash, melons, pumpkins and cucumber I been tossing to them. They have gotten to the point now that when they see me go into the garden area they come to fence bleating and expecting some produce.

Sometimes I throw a pumpkin in there without breaking it up first just to watch em get pissy trying to break it open :)

The one ram has learned to grab the pumpkins by the stem and toss em up in the air a few times.

The heat and lack of rain has placed us into a minor drought condition now. Not anything to worry about but I hope we get some rain soon or we may have a poor Fall honey flow and then I will have to worry all Winter once again.

It's always something.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Lord, please send them some rain! Amen.

  2. Too bad those tree guys didn't bring some logs over and throw them out for you. It is hot work cutting wood this time a year but it has to be done unless you buy the stuff which isn't cheap.

  3. We had some tree guys around here last week. They cut some logs and left them by the trees. I don't have a need but thought about taking my boys and picking them up a putting them in the garage. I want to get a ring ring but I think that wouldn't go over very well. I also thought about getting a grill and use that come cooler weather to sit outside with hot cocoa and the family.

  4. It sounds like you are kind of winding down, with Fall coming on. One of the nice things about Fall and Winter is you can rest without feeling guilty.

  5. Kind'a sounds like you're putting whole pumpkins in there on purpose. Sadistic, always.

    As for the tree trimmers, I WISH we could get a bunch of chips dropped off here. I've flagged several of the trucks down when I see them and tell them there is a place very close by with good access to dump their chips....but apparently I'm not flagging them down the "right" way. Must be the ragged t-shirts, chicken-crap-stained shorts and knee-high muck boots. Must remember to wear my stilettos next time.


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