Wednesday, August 28, 2013

People are just friggin crazy

It's a good thing I have always been interested in old farm equipment because now that we have moved into this new stage of homesteading,  I have looked at more old used farm equipment than I could ever imagine.

I have some pretty hefty projects lined up in restoring the few pieces I have managed to find as well. It seems that the old Ford tractors did not all come standard with whatever that plate is called that bolts on under the rear axle and holds the sway bars in place. Some have one on each side, some have only one on one side or the other. Mine happens to only have one so unless I change it around or find another plate I cannot use the plow I have. The other option is to weld a bar onto the plow so it is a true three point hitch.

I also have an old manure spreader that needs some serious restoration love as well.

We still need a brush hog, and post hole digger and eventually a hay cutter, rake and square baler. I know these items were once available that would fit on our little tractor but finding them these days is next to impossible.

But ya know what? There really isn't or shouldn't be much demand for them either if you get right down to it.

So I been looking around and all I can say is the people who happen to own some of this old equipment are just flat out crazy. The prices some of these idiots are asking for old rusted crap that will take hours and hours of restoration are just unbelievable.

I came across an old 50's era Ford 530 Baler that I seriously doubt still worked, had no original paint still visible on it and weeds growing up around it including small trees and the guy was asking $1500.00. I'm like ya you just keep dreaming buddy.

He was convinced he could get almost that much in scrap for it. WHAT? My guess is no more than $120.00 in scrap prices these days.

And this guy isn't alone either. These people are asking prices for old beat the hell up used stuff that are 75% or higher of what the new stuff runs in many cases.

I have noticed that the ones who are posting ads are continuously re-posting the same stuff over and over so it doesn't look like it's moving very quickly, if at all.

Not even 10 years ago most of these guys were hoping someone would come by and offer to haul the crap away for free. Now they think they have a gold mine rusting in their fields.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I'm still laughing at the prices they're asking. "Friggin crazy" is right!

    1. RP - 3 to 400.00 for a 1 bottom plow. $1500.00 beat up old brush hogs. It's crazy

  2. Some people will give you things and others remember the piece when it was new and have some increase in value thing going on in their head. Wish it did work like that as my vehicles would be worth a fortune by now.

    1. SF - No kidding. LOl I would be happy if maintenance rates stayed at the levels when I bought em though :)

  3. I just posted a rifle fifty dollars under book. Guy asked why I do such things. I said a small profit beats zero profit and a loss isn't acceptable. You are correct...some people are just idiots and very greedy.

    1. Stephen - You betcha. Like my theory with my honey. Thanks man.


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