Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Black Swan Event in the Making?

Some months back I was reading a fictional/futuristic account of the US Naval forces getting their ass handed to them off the coast of Africa. It played out that some oil rich country was going to sign away it's oil rights to China and the Chinese knew that the US would find or make up a reason to invade and manipulate or force a regime change.

However being a few steps ahead this time China filled the country with covert missile crews and heavily subsidized the local military all very clandestine-like.

The end result was a complete disaster for the US forces especially the Navy but also left many ground units stranded and surrounded in other parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Rumors are flying right now that the four US destroyers laying off the coast of Syria are simply bait as our leaders know these ships are well within the danger zone of missile attacks by Super Sunburn and Onyx class missiles which were reportedly supplied to Syria by the Russians. There are also reports of possible Chinese delivery of the Dong Feng 21 (carrier killer) missile into Iran which places one carrier group within easy striking distance from the Iranian coast.

I cannot say I have ever been an expert on missile systems or ship combat and capabilities, but it has been a long time since any real powerful nation has challenged us and both Russia and China seem almost eager to do so these days.

What if Obummer pushes a war on us and several US ships get sunk before Thursday evening? To be honest folks Russia, China and many other countries have been treating Obummer like the patsy he is for years now. I doubt that arrogant screw-ball would even consider the chance of being out maneuvered and that scares me. It's pricks like that that get good men killed. In far too many ways this whole affair seems like a set up. It follows certain logical conclusions anyone with any sense can see that Obummer and his cronies has followed before.

I just don't like it. It smells.

Earlier today K recommended everyone stock up on gasoline. I think he was on to something there.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Russia sure doesn't want to lose their only Mediterranean Sea port.

  2. Like we can even afford a war now. This guy is out of his mind

    White Mom in Va

  3. I don't understand why the U.S. needs to get into this Mideast issue, unless it to start a 3rd World War. In it we lose everything.

  4. Wars are profitable for the cartels. They will finance the destruction and then finance the rebuilding while stealing any resources in between. We (US citizens and military personnel) are the tools that are going to lose either way. All we do is complain about the government and cheer our troops on even though we really don't support them!

    ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’ Mark Twain

  5. This is not a place the U.S. needs to be.

  6. If I were facing the US, I would do what ever it took to take out our satellites as we would be like a teenager loosing their cell phone if they were gone. We could not target or even know where we were with out them. It is the Achilles heel and would lead to our biggest defeat if they can pull it off then attack blind forces.

  7. Any of y'all remember COG? If barry the farrie can gin up a Nuke strike or other WMD attack , he can then; (1) Shut down the internet. (2) Declare martial law. (3) End elections (4) Take the guns-food -gas -cars and anything else "they" want, and (5) Send anyone away for "Reeducation" without charge or trial. This is the start of "end game".

  8. Obama is playing a dangerous game of "Battleship" with more powerful players then he ever will be.
    he has systimatcially weakend our military so that he can get us to the point of making himself "Ruler for life"
    He is creating a storm without knowing how to get out of it..pretty soon he will be screaming "Oh shit its raining" !

  9. Everything about the Syria situation seems to be wrong. It'd be just like that crowd to sacrifice hundreds of sailors to make a political point, too.

  10. The Druids scenario was ridiculous and close to incoherent. Even the U.S. would be hard pressed to pull of the types of missions he had the Chinese doing, and the Chinese have almost no extended sea keeping abilities. The British would probably more dangerous to us that far off away from home than the Chinese.

    Most of the Iranian missiles can barely cross the straights. Not sure how the Syrians will target their missiles with the precision needed. Iranian rocket propelled bottom mines would be the bigger threat- except for our stupid insistence on steaming carriers right into the Gulf.


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