Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A War on Who?

Since the honey, hay and garden season is rapidly coming to a close with the approaching Ber months and I am going to try to hit the work force once again over the Winter I decided to take a trip down to the local employment office and see what I could find worth putting in my resume for that I have on file with them.

I have tried unsuccessfully again and again to do this over the internet and it never seems to work but if I do it from their office it goes in without fail.

I get in the office and there are no terminals open so I claimed a chair and waited. I thought I would amuse myself by observing the government worker in their natural habitat. After about 20 minutes I still have no clue what 8 out of the 10 employees there were actually doing. One guy (who happened to be Black) seemed to be actually working the rest seemed to be chatting except for the one White Male in the place who was working the counter and data entering the new arrivals. There was a constant flow in and out of the employee only entrance so I know there were in fact others who at least were employed there, outside of that I couldn't tell you what they were doing other than walking back and forth to each others' desks.

So being out of my element enough and having insufficient working knowledge of this particular office to come to any proven conclusions I decided to browse their literature.

The first item I picked up was some employment guide printed and distributed by the Department of Labor. There were 14 pages counting the front and back cover. Eight small articles each about a Woman in the work force  or how she broke into the work force and I counted 48 individual pictures of working Women. Then I counted the pictures of men. Five. Out of the five one was about 7 years old and sitting on the lap of a Woman under the heading of "Working Single Mom" one was a very fuzzy character in the background wearing a graduation cap of a picture of a graduating young lady with the article "New Women Graduate Job Opportunities" . There was an old White Guy in one picture training a new Female employee and a guy eating lunch with new Female employees and some guy in an ad about online resumes.

Of the five two were White. The old guy and the child.

OK I thought. Maybe I picked up a piece of literature aimed specifically at Women. No, it just says a guide to the new career path or something along those lines. No mention of being gender specific.

Some day when enough of the old White guys retire from these government jobs maybe the rest of White Male America will finally get the point that today these services, employment opportunities, positions, literature and money is not there for us. We are a non-entity and not a group to be helped in anyway.

Maybe then somethings will change. Maybe

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Maybe then somethings will change. Maybe

    Nope, I doubt it. Sadly.

    1. Oh I don't know about that. Things have gotten to where they are because of spending. Throwing more money at manipulating the system and in many ways defying the natural order of things.

      The Multi-Cult will last about 10 seconds after the lights go out and the money flow stops I think.

  2. They have no incentive to help you.

    1. No in fact they have plenty of ill conceived and made up reasons to not help.

  3. I spent 3 hours at the county government center to apply for medical and I saw the same group of 4 or 5 folks come out take the elevator down for a smoke break every 45 min. No wonder no work gets done. If we call our case worker we are lucky if we get a call back the same day.
    In Fla it was worse, we never spoke to our case worker, we talked to someone at a call center and the message was passed on.

    1. Rob - Here they state workers battle cry is they do the work of four employees each. I believe it since all that work entails is break times it seems.

  4. Whites just need to stop paying taxes. Our money funds this stuff yet we are barely if at all represented. Half the country doesn't work yet the half that does funds everybody else.

    Taxation without representation

    White Mom in VA

    1. Lorraine - I agree completely. Totally. Starve the Monkey as much as possible.

      Oh ya I forgot to mention that all of the articles were about minority women except one. The single mother one of course.


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