Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Reading - Will They have Bees at Gult's Gulch?

It's still cloudy here which is slowing down the drying off period a bit but it has also cooled down a bunch. I look for a bit a swarm activity over the next few days. This time of year whenever the girls are kept inside due to rain they begin to get a sense of just how cramped they are or something. Last year all the big swarms I captured or had come out seemed to always come right after a rain. Of course since it rains almost everyday this time of year perhaps I am reading more into it than I should.

I managed to move swarm number three last night. Caught this swarm in the same exact spot as swarm 2 so it is another city swarm. During my rounds this morning I was once again convinced there is a swarm taking up residence in my trap over by the West Apiary but I have been fooled by that trap once before this year. There sure are alot of bees coming and going and hanging out there however.

Apparently I was wrong about something yesterday. It seems that indeed someone is putting together a "Galt's Gulch".

I wonder if they will have a protective force field screen in effect?

Anyway he has some interesting observations. I wonder if we will make the few years he predicts?

So I am off to get some outside work finished while I can. They aren't predicting rain today but it sure looks like it could start at anytime.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. PP, Berwick caught my attention some time ago. I even subscribed to his newsletter for a while. There are things to like, but overall I found the attitude of Berwick and has minions to be abrasive and hugely overloaded with hubris.

    I came to the conclusion he and most that I read on a weekly basis were basically so full of themselves, not a thing in their minds but dollars and themselves, and the rest of us are simply stupid fools for not paying the Mighty Berwick to be be insulted.

    No thanks, he may call it Galt's Gulch, but Galt was fictional and Berwick's results may also so qualify.


    1. Winston - Haven't seen ya in a while. Oh I agree with you about Berwick. I don't usually repost any of his stuff here but his talking about galts gulch was new to me and went against what I had posted yesterday (kinda).

      After the first half of the video he started loosing me as usual. I do not particularly agree with his anarcho-libertarian views.

    2. PP,

      Much has happened here. My old homestead failed me...I got sioux-rounded by dope growers who were a MAJOR PITA. So, I sold out to one and moved to the city where my bride works.

      We found and bought a 10 acre homestead that took almost forever for escrow to close. But we're here free and clear and building more and improving the place.

      Moving took a further forever and I've been offline (no ISP) for nearly 3 months. Just getting back up and running. Count on it, I'll be around.


    3. Winston - Sorry to hear that, but glad you found a new space to call Home"stead" :)

      Always glad to see your comments!!!

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