Saturday, June 1, 2013

The New Galtism

I have taken some criticism, and justly deserved in a way, for not really "Going Galt". In a sense I will admit that I haven't. For one thing our opponents, namely Big Government and the Liberal/Feminist will only become even more embolden when met with silence and another is that there isn't a gulch to withdraw to hidden by it's protective screening and unable to be penetrated.

I like to think in about every way possible I have minimized what I contribute to this train wreck of Leftist looters and over reaching government while still voicing enough opposition to thwart them occasionally. Sure my opposition also lends some legitimacy to their non-Constitutional power grabs but it also helps to wake many a like minded Patriot or Prepper up. Or at least I like to think so.

The New Galtism in my mind is not something anyone can do cold turkey. You kinda have to ease into it and just like the novel it requires resources to manage it at all. Unlike the novel it means you are pretty much on your own to acquire those resources. No one is coming out to recruit you to their already established enclave with no "money" down that I know of. No one is keeping a share of reclaimed gold with your name on it anywhere and since hiding is impossible your resources attract the tax addicted government looters right to you.

So unless you are going to live as a vagabond homeless person, and I can certainly understand that some may chose that road, you are trapped and your only option is to minimize everything as much as possible. Produce as much of your own food and generate as much of your own income as you can. Live on the barest minimum you can get by on so you send the least amount to the government coffers. While I have made great strides in that direction I still have a ways to go.

I still must buy fuel and pay the government tax. There are many items I cannot produce on my own and in the volume we use so grocery stores are still required. Hardware stores must still be visited and items purchased. The list is endless actually but most of it in some small way or another reduces future spending and most importantly reduces future tithes to the Government.

The New Galtism means turning away from employment that may boost your salary but ultimately helps to strengthen the opposition. It has been my experience that this area cannot be totally reconciled. Almost any employment will help promote the total dysfunction of the society we have today but you can sell them your labor and refuse to give them your mind. You must limit how much actual help you give them by taking the more menial positions. I am not implying that you should sabotage or take on illegal actions I am only saying to only give them the minimum. For instance if you must take a job loading boxes for a company that occasionally prints or distributes leftist propaganda you cannot steal or knowingly harm the product but if you see a more efficient way of doing your job you keep your mouth shut. In most cases this is easy anyway since any company that would promote such ideologies isn't going to pay attention to anything you suggest anyway but you get my point.

We cannot violate our own principals to combat them and that includes adhering to the covenants we are still forced to make. The time may come when we may need to strike but it won't be masquerading as a loyal employee it will be open and with no deceit.

The New Galtism also embraces Christianity in my opinion. While I will always have issues with Ms. Rand's atheism it does not mean I cannot see the logic and manage to mesh her social philosophy it into what is needed today. Others mileage may vary I guess but the Lord speaks to us in many ways and by many avenues designed for us individually.

In the end Galtism is destined to fail regardless. It is not sustainable because ultimately they will not leave us alone and so we will be forced into other actions. Yet for the present it is the best way to limit the strength of the "looters" while maintaining our own for when it will be needed.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. It sounds like the old hippie idea of dropping out. Hippies had (and maybe some still do) a lot in common with Libertarians.

    Christianity, particularly the monastic portions of it, does have some dropping out aspects built into it. But in general, I wouldn't call it a main feature.

    1. Russ - Not in this instance that's for sure. Christianity is important in so far that Rand was so much of an atheist that although she didn't come out and say it, in many ways she promoted non-Christian moral values. Or so it always seemed to me.

  2. Gas hit $4.25 here. I passed my motorcycle skills test yesterday, too. A bit less gas tax $ going into the Gov't coffers...

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