Saturday, June 1, 2013

We Survived!!! So Far

As near as I can tell from the radar and the sound of the wind, rain and thunder the major parts of this front have finally moved on by to the East and we are now in the much calmer backside.

The tornado cell that passed over us earlier this evening shooting smaller tornadoes out to the ground apparently touched down with some significance about 15 miles East of us and then continued it's bouncing progress on into St. Louis turning over tractor trucks and attacking hotels.

Gateway Pundit has a post up about it

Earlier the only damage I could see around the Small-Hold was some tree damage, a lot of yard flooding and the abrupt end to any hopes of us having a fruit crop this year. We have however continued to get heavy rains after my last inspection so I am unsure if the garden has completely survived or not. I also heard at least one loud thump so something may have blown against the house although I did not see anything in the dark.

Several local roads are completely flooded over and when I made a quick trip into the little town down the road (of about 500 people) it had many streets completely overflowed with water and one house that was standing in about 2 or 3 feet of water as well.

Simply put it is coming down faster than the normal run off system. either natural or man made, can get rid of it.

At this point my rain gauge is completely useless as it topped out at 6 inches.

No telling how long it will take for the garden to dry out enough to do any weeding or the grass so I can catch up on the mowing.

I watched the storm clouds as long as the light would allow to see if I could see Sandy flying by but I am happy to report she never saw her. I assume she is safe in Oklahoma still :)

Someday this rain is going to end.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We watched all of this into the late night on the weather channel and Fox news. We prayed for your safety. I am glad all of you are safe and you didn't see Sandy flying by! This crazy weather has me more than a little jittery over hurricane season which starts today,

    1. MB - Ya hurricane season could be bad. Really though these storms are not anything uncommon or it seems to me. Happens every year they just came a bit more compacted this year and seem to be hitting targets for a change. Usually the tornadoes come but stay in less populated areas.


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