Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mowing Monday

It was a frantic day of mowing, weed eating and bee wrangling as the ground dried enough for one and it was sunny enough for the other. By the looks of the morning forecast it was the only day of either we were liable to get this week although by the time I got home this evening they had already pushed the rain back a bit.

With a bit of luck I may have enough time tomorrow to finish the last bit of mowing and might be able to get out and do a little hand weeding in the garden.

The first swarm of the season was due for a check today and as you can see from the frame above they are building up nicely with a reasonably good pattern developing of capped brood surrounded by open cells of honey and pollen.

I am still only up to three captured swarms this year. Yesterday afternoon there were upwards of 50 bees hanging out on the front of that same swarm trap from last week. They were coming and going and I swore it would have bees in it this morning. When I got there to check on it. Nothing.

I am convinced I have missed out on at least four solid swarms that have chosen some other location this year so far out here. As I went and checked the traps closer to the river this afternoon I bumped into another local bee keeper who has a couple of traps out and he hasn't caught any yet at all although like me he had seen many scout bees out. I am pretty much convinced my theory is fact at this point and the feral hives int he rural areas died out in great numbers and their abandoned homes are attracting all the swarms while the bees in the city survived. Hence two of my three captures have been in town.

At this point I want at least four more swarms before the season is over so if I don't have them by the end of June I will need to order some Northern queens I guess and Feed Feed Feed the new splits. Not my first choice but one does what one has to I guess.

I did see a lot of activity around one of my Northern traps this morning and I have been working on an entirely new trap design and placing system. As soon as my ace in the hole product I ordered last week finally arrives I will attempt to test this idea and see how it does. I know ya'all are just dying to see the creative genius that is PP's continuing bee entrapping thought process!!! :)

Damned ants.

I am assuming many of you saw the great crying of FOUL over at survival blog about the SPLC attack yesterday. Sorry but I have to chuckle about that. Part of my complaint with just about every author, screen writer, movie creator etc these days is the promotion of racial familiarity. While I truly believe it is wrong to judge individuals solely on race I also believe it is best to be knowledgeable of cultural differences and wary of those that might not mesh with one's own. No matter what your skin color or ethnic origin. The media and entertainment industries in general wish to white wash (pun intended) these differences each and every chance they get, and in my opinion have years worth of rapes, murder, beatings and theft to answer for because people who should have been aware of what they were getting into were lulled into a false sense of familiarity. At the very least the great campaign that we are all alike is losing traction in my opinion and being a race realist does not make you racist while not wanting Islam to permeate your neighborhood or social network does not make you a monster.

The left has one goal that hangs over all it does and that is the extermination of White Men with a few token wussified ones left here and there they can push around. That much has been obvious to me for years and they will celebrate the day it happens rest assured. They don't care how much you repeat their propaganda slogans or how much you try and appease them by perpetuating their myths, if you are a Patriot, Constitutionalist, Republican, or Christian they will attack you so there is no advantage in helping their agenda along at all.

Maybe someone will figure that out for himself but I doubt it. I will say I have seen one or two others that used to tow the Multi-cult line of racial disinformation change their stance over the years so anything is possible. We will see.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I agree... to me it doesnt matter what you are, if you disagree with the left then they find ways to attack you. Look what they have done to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bauchman.
    And God forbid if you are a black conservative christian..

    Get the yard cut before the rain sets in...we need to do the same because our State is about to be pummled with flooding rain this weekend...

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