Monday, November 12, 2012

As a Matter of Fact We Are Winning

I have been jotting down some notes of old posts I plan on re-posting or re-writing. I believe the first one I will work on will be the old rice and beans storage post of calories and storage amounts with conversions. Perhaps I will even get that one finished this evening. Information posts on prepping and survival will all be re-written. The personal ones with pictures and such will not.

Until then I been doing a bit of research on the demographic breakdowns state by state and exit data.

One thing that has started to dawn on me is that taken as a whole the Conservative movement is actually still gaining strength and consolidating power. I mentioned this yesterday when talking about the Constitutional Convention idea but it goes deeper than that. The truth is as far as the heartland goes we are in very good shape to protect ourselves from what is coming. More states than not are massively Republican leaning as is the House. We actually picked up more positions than the Democrats across the board.

The biggest danger we face now is if our Congress men and women cave on gridlock and the Republican party swings left in some appeasement move that will only turn them into another Democrat party. Even without a Convention the President can make all kinds of executive orders and such but the States have some viable ways of protecting Red America from them. They can fight Federal intrusion and regulations and give citizen protest a sense of legality. Eventually the demographics and now total acceptance of massive colonization by the Hispanics of the Democrat party will mean secession will eventually happen. It is going to take a few years to sink in to the majority of heads however but make no mistake at this point it will happen simply because the very survival of the people in these states will dictate it. 

The strategy of the Democrats is flawed. Seriously flawed if you think about it. They have gained numbers through entitlements and giveaways but they have lost power in doing so. By focusing on the service sector cities they have alienated the raw production areas and given more power to the Republicans in Congress. In terms of economic power it appears the urban areas have it but it is meaningless without production. They only way they can advance their actual agenda is through shady mandates and executive orders which the states can fight for years. All the while the Conservative movement is picking up more red state members.

I cannot remember a time when states such as Missouri and Oklahoma were so unified. We are even more unified than we were four years ago. We are being strengthened by the very policies the Democrats claim are giving them power. Let them continue to hold the office of the President we can hold them in gridlock for forever if they keep up the tactics they are using.

I am just waiting for the Republican/Conservative talking heads to pick up on this fact and urge the Republicans to not swing left in a vain attempt to court some mythical minority vote they will never get.

This is a necessary transition to a new level of political battlefield. The more people that see it and spread the word the more likely the chance the powers that be will also see it and not make a change that would be terrible at this point.



  1. I am trying not to get discouraged. Thousands of people in 20 states now have petitions to secede from the union. What is our near future holding for us?

    1. Rose - They will just ignore it and try and ridicule it through the liberal pundits and comments. But it will grow. The seed has finally been planted and I see this thing growing I really do. The question is will it be peaceful or break out into violence?

  2. i signed the petition for the state of mississippi...probably only about five or six hundred of us have signed...and i figure my name is probably on some uppity fed list somewhere anyway just for being prepped to survive starvation.

    1. Texas is up to over 50K signatures in three days. Sign the one for Missouri too please LOL.

  3. Good post. I am waiting for my state (Kansas)to do something.


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