Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Reading - 23 and Counting

Yes we true American's born and bred here with ties to the land that go much more deeply than simple hope for a better economical situation. We who believe in the founding principals and come from families who have paid for these beliefs in blood for hundreds of years. Were out maneuvered and out numbered by race baiting, class warfare, mob rule democracy and I believe outright voter fraud in many places and instances as well.

The new ruling masses of entitlement voters crowd together in their dirty cities living off the fruit of our labor and declare it is "The will of the people". They laugh at any mention of secession and try and claim they have all the production and business, which really isn't true and they have pretty much zero agriculture within their blue counties for the most part as well. The outlying counties maybe able to sustain them but I doubt it.


However there is a huge flaw in their overall plan. The Constitution was set for a Republic with mroe state power and ways to counteract instances of Mob Rule than they realize. Ignoring "Flyover" country as they call us presents another peril for their plans that they do not take seriously.

Constitutional Convention.

This recent election brought another few states into the fold of Republican dominance. The number is at least 23 without question and a few states with solid Democrat Blue dog remnants that can possibly be counted on as well.

The kind of power a Constitutional Convention can wield is unstoppable and could solve once and for all several issues we have had from the "living document" Liberals and even block a number of plans the Left is going forward with.

I admit I am not a Constitutional Lawyer and I know just enough to trap myself sometimes in debates about it but I do feel I know more than the average Obama supporter that's for sure.

Looking at the Red/Blue county spread this may be a viable solution to our problems and I suggest we write our State Congress men and women and begin suggesting this move. I am sure it will be met with disdain and the recommendations of crazy rightwingers at first but let's see is it can grow.

Worth a shot before it is too late.

And Happy Veterans Day everyone. I salute all those who have paid the price for this country. We owe them everything.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Your are a wise Jedi Master....

  2. i am with Rob! and thank you to all of the great veterans of your country!

    your friend,

  3. A few years ago when people started mailing a teabag to Pennsylvania Avenue, they laughed at us. Look at the movement now. Two years ago the tea party movement got quiet a few republicans elected.

    It never hurts to try new ideas. They can't do too much else to us that they haven't already done or thinking about what they'd like to do to us "old white people" I'll start firing off letters to our congressman. He loves our Marine!

    I would like to add my thanks to those who serve and those who have served. I am still not up to writing a post on my blog. There are many of you who tell it better than me. I'll just enjoy reading and commenting for a few more days.

  4. The main problem with a constitutional convention is the constitution was written at the pinnacle of the enlightenment. I don't know what the current age will eventually be called, but enlightened or one of its synonyms isn't it; perhaps an antonym? Face it, even most of th amendments beyond the bill of rights aren't verry good. The 17th, 19th and 26th have been downright disasters.



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