Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh what Tangled Webs we Weave

So today I am going to make a post that has nothing to do with prepping and very little to do with politics, in my opinion anyway.

I don't know if you have been following the Patraeus, Broadwell, whatever power mad sex crazed general(s) with 40 something wanna be bimbo fiasco.

I am sure the whole thing has something to do with Obama's corrupt regime and politics but I just don't care. The only reason I am even writing about this today is from a stance of Feminism and the fact that General Patraeus is a PIG.

Yep you read that correctly. Pioneer Preppy one who has been accused of being the biggest woman hater to ever walk the face of the earth is blaming the man for cheating on his wife.

I have read a few articles on this whole episode that keeps growing. Seen pictures of the admittedly still pretty hot 40 something bimbos being paraded out. Browsed excerpts of their little cat fights back and forth and seen evidence of how the generals and CIA agents ad nauseum flirted and paid special attention to these attention hoe sharks.

Do I think that women like this Broadwell, or Kelly and her twin sister are nothing but Feminist shills and product of the Female-Superiority culture we have today? Sure I do.

But what disturbs me more than anything else have been the men and women who I usually agree with when bashing feminism start picking on Mrs. Patraeus' looks also as a sign of feminism causing her to let herself go and allowing these affairs to happen.


Perhaps there has been a bit of feminism in Mrs. Patreaus' life but the woman is 60 years old. I saw pictures of her when she was young and she was a lovely woman. She was born before these tramps with their fake boobs and skin peals came into fashion. I don;t know this for a fact but I can see her ironing and laying out all of the General's uniforms etc. and holding down the home while he went out and played soldier all those years, from junior company grade officer to General status.

As a matter of fact the woman looks pretty good for 60. A bit over weight but she has served her time and doesn't deserve to have her looks bashed at 60 years old.

Do I especially blame Patraeus for cheating? No not really I doubt most men could resist a romp with a woman like either of the ones shown, especially when I imagine how forward those women are today. What I blame Patraeus for is letting the thing continue. Once is the sign of weak resolve, years of it is sign of complete betrayal, total lack of respect and no concern for a lifepartner. That is between him and God however but seeing Mrs. Patraeus drug through the mud for natural aging is totally uncalled for.

She is a lovely woman who deserved better and has served her time and done her duty and deserves more respect than she is getting.

Or of course maybe she is a raving feminist shill who let herself go on purpose. I really don't know but until I find out differently I like my story better.

Keep Prepping Everyone and remember partnerships are for life or they should be anyway.


  1. I think this is just the tip of the perverbial iceberg. There is more to all of this. It is all just to convenient.

    1. History folks.

      Hitler took out his generals one by one.

  2. surprised by the behavior of gen. patraeus? no i am not-it has happened before and will happen again..surprised by the ongoing coverup of benghazi-not after the last four years of obama, clinton, holder and the rest of them up there in their towers. the hurricane sandy, the northeaster blizzard, and gen patreous debacle are very convenient right now in covering up a covert conspiracy act/acts of our president and his advisors/minions. they have succeeded so far to pull the wool over the eyes of the people and the media..but i still have hope that one day, some day, they will suffer for the blood on their hands and the money they have stolen. as far as the mrs. patreous..she is a nice lady, has done many good things for people in her life as a military wife..she does not deserve to be treated badly by anyone, but as a military wife i can tell you quite honestly that she is angry at her husband, but i bet she was not surprised. as for the other general (allen), the shirtless fbi agent, and the other women involved-i can only hope that shame follows them whereever they go.

  3. I agree reporters are scum, and the feminists are worse. What floors me is that we have come from the bra burners who tried to look ugly to dragging the aged, for whom bueaty has passed, through the mud.

    However, thisv has become too much of a circus and is starting to look more like a smoke screen. Also, Petraeus wasn't publicly outed he came forward and resigned after the FBI had ended its investigation without telling anyone. At least if the reporting is to be believed. It looks to me like he was breaking leverage. Once someone has the goods on you, the only way to avoid being dragged in deeper is fessing up to messing up. That holds from the first minor error in judgement all the way up to where you are being told to commit capitol offences, and all the little steps in between.


  4. Does anyone remember the movie "Wag the Dog"? Unless other women come forward from earlier years, establishing a pattern, I just have trouble thinking that a man in his position suddenly throws everything he believed in out the door. Just not logical.


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