Friday, December 5, 2014

Tractor Time : Of Course You Are!!!

As we push close to the end of Fall and approach official Winter sadly this is the end of the Tractor Time posts for a while. I have started to run out of content a bit as well and need a few months to look around for more anyway. I know the things I do for my readers...jeez...

I must admit this series has not only been entertaining gazing on the sleek lines and solid curves of many tractors both old and new, but educational as well in that I have discovered many tractor brands I was never aware of before.

I was also surprised to discover the official country girl tractor accessory uniform of short shorts and plaid shirt tied up short. I just didn't realize it was so common. Thankfully it isn't mandatory though.

Some dare to go off the reservation at least. The most important thing I learned about tractor time, and this is more than likely due to some failing on my part to realize there are entire different lifestyles out there I couldn't even dream of.....

Never name your posted tractor pictures as Tgirl# it just brings you all kinds of hits with oddly worded searches that I don't want to even read about.

Hopefully the tractor pictures will return come Spring. As usual click for a larger image.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. There were lots of ladies dressed like those in pix 1 & 2, when I lived in farm country. A few like #2 in high school used to take the boys' breath away.

    Gotta love farm girls!

  2. Yeah, I have heard those T-girls can give you an unpleasant surprise. I have no first hand knowledge of that you understand, that is just what I have been told;)

    1. SD - I admit the first time I started seeing some of the search queries that brought a few to this page I was like WHAT? I guess I just never even thought about that "flavor" before.

  3. You need some wood splitting girls this time of year.

    1. Sf - Ya know some chain saw pics might be good :)


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