Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Reading - Sorting Day Again

The absolute worst thing about raising sheep is sorting day. Oh sure things like worming, especially with those hell-spawn babrberpole worms we been getting and shearing day are bad too but sorting them has become a day I dread about four times or so a year.

Now it helps to get them all into a very confined space with at least two gates to move whichever sheep into whichever group. The control paddock has worked amazingly great for that since i got it done but I already have plans to add another inside swinging gate so making a containment field is even easier.

Sorting for breeding day however is a chore among chores. Mostly because it requires sorting the ewes and whethers, yearlings and lambs into three groups but also because we have to consult the records to know which group many of them are suppose to go into. Mistakes will be made of course, like this year I somehow managed to get a tagless whether into Frazier's paddock. Not good I am trying now to get him out but so far Frazier has not attacked him too hard. The whether though is NOT being cooperative about this either.

Then there is Seven my favorite ewe who I decided wasn't going to get bred this year but has other ideas of her own that include enticing the rams to come to her. If she keeps it up I might just put her into one of their pens.

So anyway sorting is almost complete. Just need to get that wayward whether back out of Frazier's paddock somehow. The control paddock proved to be worth every dime I spent on it so far and will be wonderful with the addition of another swinging gate.

Now I can focus more on getting everything put away for Winter.

Oh joy....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Its great when a plan come together...

  2. Would like to see some photos of your set up with the sheep, the collecting pen sounds good.

  3. I've pulled out the ones I want for meat, unfortunately there was meant to be another ewe to cull only my record keeping didn't show which number so she lives to breed another year!

  4. PP,

    Control paddocks are a great thing to have for controlling and separating animals. Good to hear it worked well for you.

  5. I have to say - you don't really make me want to raise sheep anytime soon ;-)

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