Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Fleeting Wide Look at What's to Come

So here we go again another election is behind us and this time the outcome went totally against what was expected. I must admit I didn't really deep down think Trump was going to win. Why? Because honestly the enthusiasm for Trump around here didn't seem to be all that much greater in numbers than the support for Romney did back in 2012. Oh sure a lot more people liked Trump and were more excited about him than they were for Romney but all those that were excited about Trump still voted for Romney in 2012 even if they were less excited about it. As I have said many times I really thought the Femocrats had long ago figured out just how many immigrant voters they needed and where to place them to cinch every election and couldn't lose.

I was pleasantly surprised.

My deep down gut feeling is more that the voters the Femocrats were counting on just didn't show up as much as or more than the"deplorables" that did and they didn't think would. If that sentence makes sense to you.

To date I have read many reasons why various types think the upset of the century happened. Some few almost seem to have a good handle on things and are actually blaming the left's own tyrannical ideology as the main culprit. I think deep down they maybe closer to the truth than they even know themselves.

However all that aside for now let's evaluate how things are likely to play out in the next four years and how this political change effects us as preppers and sustainers.

First off we are in a much better position to thrive until we are forced to survive now. By that I mean many of our basic rights needed for easier survival are now much safer than they would have been under a Hitlary Presidency. Gun rights being the top of that list but I think we are also relatively safe from government "hording" rules and hopefully ever increasing property taxes, among other taxes. This win will also lessen the avenging spirit of many "minority" groups. I have already noticed many who thought the long hoped for day of their majority had arrived with Obummer now looking over their shoulder in confusion and fear. They now realize they are not the majority they thought they were and maybe it ain't time for the payback they had been thinking. Not to mention they seeing "Whitey" band together in common cause in numbers they never expected to see. It is giving them pause let me tell you and many who now see how outnumbered they truly were are singing a different tune as well.

What hasn't changed and in fact may come about to wound us quicker now is the economic problems the last 50+ years of rampant feminist/multi-cult/liberalism as brought us. There simply is no coming out of that without a full scale collapse.

Trump has two choices really going forward. He can either continue the deficit spending spree, or even double down on it and hope it continues to keep going during his Presidency or he can try and fix a problem so big and so broken as to make the economic collapse happen almost immediately.  My best bet is he will go with option 1 and I don't blame him at all for that. If he tries to fix the fiscal issues of this country he will cause the biggest economic collapse ever seen and if he doesn't already know that he soon will. The best he can hope for is to start the ball rolling in the right direction and it will happen so slowly as to appear to be doing nothing at all for those of us on the outside anyway.

What do I mean by that? Well it's simple really. For 50+ years the femocrat/Multi-Cultist have been attempting to use the government as a social uplifting tool. At this point in time our entire economy is 100% dependent on government spending and the only way to stop the deficits is to stop that spending. When/if that happens everything falls apart. It really is that simple. Not one person in this country today is totally removed from government spending. Not the welfare queens of course but also the pensioners and even the day laborer construction workers. We are all on government welfare in one way or another to one degree or another if we track our wages from beginning to end.

Even if I did not have a job in the auto industry taking care of mostly government employee's private cars paid for from their salaries. Even if I just sold honey off the back of my pickup truck for cash I would still be getting a large chunk of my income from selling to a government employee or cash recipient of some type or other. From the direct employee to the welfare type to the pensioners who's funds can only pay out due to constant money pumping. We are all dependent and to stop it means we have to fend for ourselves and 99% of us out there can't.

Now all that being said we are still in a much better position today than we were last week. We have breathing space AND more importantly a large hindrance removed from our heads going forward. The economy could come crashing down at any time but we no longer will have a government ready to imprison, loot and attack us when it does and no longer have minority groups ready for some hyped mythical payback either.

It really comes down to how well Trump can keep the plates afloat while we prepare. What this election means is we now have a chance to not fall as far when it does happen.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. They have kept the illusion of the recovery going for the election but no matter who won, the bubbles will start popping in a month or so. If Trump was in office today there would be little he could do to stop the damage that has been done to the guts of our economy by the socialists who achieved their goal of making us Not Great. The movement doesn't have a name yet but it is going around the world, it is Brexit and American revolt and soon other places in Europe, a revolution against central power of sorts. It will help bring down the economy which is an economy for the elites who control government, media and the world money supply and creation.

  2. Honestly, I would just be happy if they accomplish most of the broad program they have outlined. For the economic side, the problem was not created in a day (or a year, or even ten years). Anything done there is frosting on the cake. The only thing that gives me a remote piece of confidence is I do not think we have had someone that has the potential to understand economic issues like the president-elect in a long time (any history buffs out there on the last president to own a business)? We certainly have never had anyone that knows what bankruptcies are like either. Maybe that works for us in this case...

  3. We just wounded the beast, which makes it even more dangerous moving forward. Keep on prepping, reduce debt, and stack tangibles.

    1. I'm doing exactly what "K" suggested!!!

  4. While I think we all can start breathing again, I would not totally let my guard down. Yes he is an outsider, but he will still have insiders in his cabinet. Never trust our government. no matter which party is in control....

  5. Project Veritas showed the world how low the Left would stoop to retain power. Now that they've lost, they are going even lower with the "Rent A Riot" to protest the defeat. These people have no concept of American Greatness or how we got that way, their only mission is to tear it down and increase their own personal wealth and power. It's sick and in need of a Reckoning.

  6. I follow a number of blogs, I have been amazed at the comments...some are taking the Trump win like a death. We are not. The fact Trump is a business man and understands debt and over taxation is a good thing. His Simple acceptance speech of healing the wounds and rebuilding the infrastructure mixed with thanks to people who helped him was most encouraging.
    A death it was not but obviously a lot of "RED" America finally feels hopeful again. I will say though the crying women remarking "Hillary" has done so much for this country is getting to be quite irritating!

  7. even though I am the other side of the pond and had no say in the matter I was hoping Trump would make it, its a bit like our Brexit the ripples are spreading the people are finding there voices, France is next it will be interesting to see what happens there.

  8. Whatever Trump does or doesn't do with his presidency and the Republican-controlled House and Senate, one thing is for sure; it's the Republicans' game to win or lose. If these people don't make good on at least SOME of their promises, you can be sure that the donkey will do everything in its power to retake control of our government... and our lives. The Trump upset will be its "REMEMBER THE ALAMO!" Folks, we can't allow our reps on The Hill to let that happen. We need to keep the pressure on them!

    That being said, prepping is still a must. Trump's victory may have changed our trajectory, but not our final destination. As you so aptly put it, Trump can't do a mass pullback on government without causing a crash. He also can't keep spending money that we don't have, as it too, will cause a crash. There's no path to victory here; just the choice between a hard belly landing, and augering into the ground...


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