Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Lot to Say and No Time to Say It

No Pictures tonight either.

I had a couple of posts about the election and a few other topics I would have loved to have done but as I been saying for a few weeks now I am swamped. Going to daylight savings time didn't help my in over my head and no time to get it all done issues either.

However the ram's paddock is finally all set up for the very last step which is pulling the fencing. The posts are all in, the shelter built, the horizontal supports are done, all the left overs have been hauled out....

Just one more step and no rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

After I get this done things will kinda go back to normal.

It takes so much longer and more work to put up fences than people would think.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Fences ain't easy even less so all by your lonesome

  2. Are you going to lower your Prep Level chart now or wait until Jan. 20th??

    1. Maybe PP should wait till we see how many Dems riot this week, before changing that...

  3. "It takes so much longer and more work to put up fences than people would think."

    YES! YES! YES! We hates fencing forever! (Well, actually, I like it once they are up, of course.)

  4. Fences have been the bane of our farm life for over 23 years. But all that hard work has kept my 54 year old hubby looking like he's 30. Always cracks me up when I hear that people PAY to go to a gym. Get a homestead I say.


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