Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday Reading - Almost Done

I was hoping to get the fence put up today and of course it just wasn't in the cards. There was just too much prep work yet to do. Clean up and a couple of stubborn panels and old posts that just would not come out of the ground.

I still need to paint the shelter as well.

There were 2 sixteen foot panels that had become buried with runoff dirt almost a foot into the ground over the years and a number of old metal T-posts that had gotten roots grown around them. It took a lot of work with a shovel and the tractor pulling to get them out of the ground and put me behind schedule yet again.

Here's the shelter on the side of the building with the roof on. That should be more than large enough for the ram and eight or so ewes to lounge and shelter in. They really only need it when it is raining around here. The finishing touch will be to paint it tomorrow.

I also got all the corner posts fitted with their horizontal supports today and pulled an entire trailer full of left overs and junk out of the paddock area when I was done.

Here is part of the flock checking out the remnants and junk. I hope I can salvage some of those panels as they are quite expensive but that ram has em bent and beat to hell no doubt about it.  You can see the corner posts in the background in front of the brush pile.

I also pulled two smaller trailer loads of firewood out of the paddock area as well. Won't be ready to burn until next year at this point but it adds to the reserve stock.

More delays and schedule set backs but at least I am making progress...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. It is amazing how some of those metal posts will get locked in the ground. They may as well be in concrete. You are getting a handle on the fence work and one day you will be done at least for a while as it is never really done.

  2. Its like any road construction project, Well over due, but it will be so much nicer when completed. Some times you think why wasn't it done this way in the first place. keep up the hard work it will pay off.. Oh PLEASE VOTE tomorrow.


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