Thursday, November 3, 2016

The "How to Vote in Missouri" Post for 2016

I try to do this every election year. The various proposals and amendments the politicians put out for elections are usually quite confusing and often filled with riders or caveats. Often times they are put on the ballot and then never mentioned and voters have no clue they are even going to be there. Very often they are worded one way to sound like puppies and kittens but are really snakes in disguise.

This year's kinda run the gambit so to speak.

Constitutional Amendment 1. Missouri's Parks, Soil and Water Sales Tax. - This proposal is one to continue the 1/10th of 1 percent sales and use tax that goes to state park funding and the so called soil and conservation initiative. Oh they make it sound like we would have less state parks open and it is all for a good cause but I often have tried to see just how much of this money collected goes for bloated employee pension contributions, enforcing out of control EPA regulations at the state level and other not so wonderful things. It's amazing how there doesn't seem to be any actual breakdown of where the money really goes. I say vote no. All I want from my state parks is some wilderness I can access without being harassed by DNR park rangers. I really don't want more presentations that push their biased view of history or a thousand more miles of handicap accessible trails that never see any handicapped use or huge paved parking lots with 90% empty spaces.

Ya I know call me a pig all ya want but I go to a number of state parks playing GEOcaching type games and the like and I have never once seen the handicapped parking spaces in use. There is really zero reason we should pay for more of it or even maintain what they have already put in place. My bet is they could decrease the park ranger/employee numbers by about 60% as well so I am voting NO.

Constitutional Amendment 2 - Campaign Contribution Limits -  If I had my way I would make all campaign contributions illegal and go more to a British system where a candidate is given X amount of funds when he or she runs from the government and must return any not used. No amount can be spent above that either. Ya I know keep dreaming.

The truth is this is a hard one to call. They often get around things in so many ways and it kinda limits those voters who are prosperous and want to really support someone too. We all know I am against the government limiting what I can and can't do. I really cannot decide on this one way or another but I guess I lean more towards voting yes.

Constitutional Amendment 3 - Cigarette Tax Increase for Early Childhood Education - Well this one is easy. VOTE NO. It ain't the governments job to tax anyone to pay for childhood education, especially not early childhood. We already pay for regular childhood education anyway. Of course they go after smokers cause there ain't enough of them left to make a difference voting no. This is a typical mob-rule type move and it is plain wrong. What's next taxing soda or milk. In fact I can see em taxing milk since it is almost exclusively a White racial thing to drink the stuff.

Good rule of thumb here. Always vote no to anything that singles out any specific group even if you are not part of that group or don't particularly like what they do.

Proposition A - Cigarette Tax Increase for Transportation Infrastructure - Ya just see the above here. I guess MODoT is still trying to find more money for their bloated over paid department so now they have joined the club in persecuting specific groups over others since their last tax increase scheme was shot down. It says the proceed will go to fixing roads and bridges which includes then taking the same amount from other areas that went to that and shifting it too department meetings in Las Vegas, pensions and office renovations.

Vote NO and keep voting No to all Tax increases until the government can prove to us that they will be frugal and up front with how our money is spent. As I said this is another Mob rule maneuver designed to attack a specific group with numbers and over whelm them and make them shoulder the burden. If it works your particular vice maybe the next one up for a bit of tyranny.

Constitutional Amendment 4 - Prohibition on New Sales and Use Taxes - 

A slight break here. Ya know I have yet to really grasp what the difference is between a proposition and an amendment other than one gets added to the State Constitution. But anyway....

This is a move by organized groups to protect themselves from being singled out like the poor smokers. I say vote yes on it just to stop the current tax everything trend but part of me thinks these groups that have been promoting and allowing the persecution of smokers should get a taste of their own medicine so to speak too.

I guess this is no time for revenge voting though.

Constitutional Amendment 6 - Photo ID for Voting - 

Also what happened to 5? :)

Well this one is a no brainer. Why do the libs constantly balk at Voter ID laws and how on earth can activist judges strike them down while allowing so many infringements against gun ownership?

I always like the typical Femocrat claim that there is no record of voter fraud too when they take about these ID measures. Do they honestly believe that?

Anyway I am voting yes. No other way to enforce and determine whether someone is actually able to vote legally and also voting in the correct place.

Just my take on this years Proposals

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I'm surprised your for photo I'd. I see that as one short hop away from keeping dna on profile!

  2. They love denying there is no voter fraud. One year, I received two at my parents in my maiden name, one at my residence. At the time, I had been married 12 years. One of my co workers received ballots for the previous owners, who were deceased. Of course when I called, they tried to tell me there was no way that happened. Later that year, the election was such a screw up ( they recounted 3 times for governor). The election office tried denying there was any fraud. When most your population lives in one county... I became disenchanted with the whole "process"

  3. If they could only make pot legal then they could tax that and really have money to spend.

  4. Funny; in our neck of the woods, an 89-year-old man, living in a two room apartment, received EIGHTY mail-in ballots, all with his address, but with EIGHTY DIFFERENT NAMES! The registrar said that this person receiving eighty duplicate ballots was a "glitch in the system." Uhhh... Mr/Mrs/? registrar; those weren't eighty duplicate ballots; those were eighty DIFFERENT ballots with the same address.

    This is a classic ploy the people in Tijuana use so they can send their kids to school in San Diego (on our dime). They "rent an address;" usually a dilapidated trailer in a trailer park somewhere, so they can provide "proof of residence."

    The duplicate ballots are voter fraud, flat out. Of course, with the Supreme Court not allowing any way to verify a person's citizenship, and our state's open embrace of illegal immigrants, it's no surprise that this is happening.

    Concerning "#4;" Our state legislature was using the tax on gasoline as its personal ATM. Every time the libbies needed more money to buy votes... er... institute another "social program"... they'd raise the gas tax. The population voted to forbid increasing the gas tax any further. So what did the occupants of the big ol' purple school bus do? They removed the gas tax, and replaced it with a gas "fee." The law said nothing about raising "fees."

    ...And the beat goes on...


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