Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Guess Who is Happy!!!!

Yes Mr. Grumpy-pants, fence destructo Ram Himself now walks around his new paddock with a swagger. That is when he bothers to walk around at all. After the first night he spent a lot of time hanging out in the new shelter resting. He doesn't even come running to the fence to have his neck and back scratched now that he has overstaying lady friends.

Cocomo, our primary Blue Faced Ram is more of a gentleman. He is more discreet, less demanding, takes no for answer a bit longer and generally likes to hang out with the ladies all the time. Frazier on the other hand prefers to just go off by himself and sleep when he isn't bothering the ewes.

I finally broke down and put Seven in with Frazier too. She wouldn't leave him alone and seemed generally distressed that she wasn't in there with him. For some reason she really favors Frazier which is odd since every other ewe seems to prefer Cocomo.

Here's an older pic of Cocomo after shearing day this Spring. He is a much finer boned ram than the stocky brute Frazier. True to his Blue Faced breed. He produces some awesome Blue Faced lambs with the Blue faced ewes though.

So it's the end of day two of breeding season and things are settling down somewhat. Less bellowing and crying about being separated. The retired ewes however are still complaining about being limited to the small west pasture and having to resort to munching hay. They don't understand why I won't let them out in the big field anymore.

So far I have managed to get the baler cleaned and put away for Winter and got the hay elevator almost up and running. Had a hell of a time figuring out the wiring for the new motor I bought for it and then had to make two trips to the local auto supply to get a properly sized belt. Did a bit of ethnic engineering on it and still need to pick up another base mount bolt but I think the thing will work.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful beyond belief. I am going as fast as can in hopes of making up all the lost time to rain and mowing from this Summer. Things are suppose to change by this weekend so I need to have everything put away and ready for the cold by then.

I figure instead of being a month or more behind like I was 2 weeks ago I am now only about 2 weeks behind.

I am catching up.

And the rams being happy has saved me some time in the constant fence repair area too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Isn't this second summer of ours awesome?! Even with the extended time line, we're years behind tho, LOL. Tip o' the hat to you for getting so close to back on schedule!

  2. here I thought it was you, because the horses were gone.. snow here Friday...maybe

  3. Yay for catching up! I finally got all the electric watering equipment out after 3 straight days of chipping ice. Now the weather is back to summer temps- go figure!

  4. PP,

    Happy rams make for a happy owner :-)
    Looks like you're getting all caught up before colder weather sets in.

  5. Up to mid-80's here during the day, but supposed fall into the 60's this weekend. Crazy for mid November.


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