Thursday, November 17, 2016

So Who Knew?

I been slowly getting the hay equipment and other implements put away for Winter. The baler is up, I did the last turn with the brush hog and took down the remains of the Buckwheat patch. I also managed to over heat the 850 tractor when the radiator filled up with dead plant debris. The over heating thing is a common problem with these early Ford tractors unless you put a screen behind the grill bars. They took care of it with the 01 series and it's small holed grill plate.

I have now turned my attention to the hay elevator. I needed to get a motor for it and a belt and get it adjusted to work properly.

After three trips to the auto parts store and two into the hardware store the motor was finally installed with the proper length belt. Then I had to wire the thing. I did not know these motors come with loose wires you have to configure for the use you are putting the motor too. The directions appear to be in some sort of code but after one very impressive fireworks show and a blown fuse in the barn I got it figured out.

Who knew L1 stands for ground and L2 for hot? Certainly not me :)

Today then I had to take another trip back to the hardware store and get the stuff I need to mount this elevator in the barn full time. I think I have a satisfactory plan in the works that will allow me to hang the thing up when not in use but I won't know for sure until tomorrow because it was feeding time by the time I got back.

We are suppose to get our first real taste of Winter this weekend and I am hoping to get all the baled hay up into the loft and start getting the smaller equipment into the barn.

After everything else is put away the final job of Fall will be to blade out the barn and use the manure spreader to fertilize the hay field.

I usually aim for the horses when pulling the spreader around as I think it's funny to watch them run away.....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. US Stock Markets EXPLODE since Presidential Election:

    ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

  2. Electricity is the thing I am most uncomfortable around Preppy. Most other around the yard/around the house items, no big deal. But electricity always freaks me out.

  3. Gee to me L1 & L2 mean left side of aircraft door 1 door 2, your right who knew??? Rain here so far, west and north of us getting snow...So ends a great fall...

  4. Too funny, blasting nags with manure, not like you care if they get mad at you.

  5. L1 and L2 are both hot if you are wiring for a 220 motor!!

  6. So, does that mean your nickname is now "Sparky"??

    No snow in the future until around Thursday, but the mountains are getting a dusting. At least that is the rumor.

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