Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Reading - Possum, Eggs, Deer Remains and Hay

I am happy to report the hay elevator is mounted and works beautifully. We put about a third of the 300+ bales up into the loft today and would have done more except my slave labor, otherwise known as my son, rebelled against my tyrannical rule and basically left me in the loft alone with an empty elevator spinning away.

I did miss-judge the play on the elevator chain and the teeth sometimes hit the support chain I put on to hold it in place. So a minor adjustment is needed there.

While loading the bales that where stacked on the ground floor of the barn I uncovered a large number of egg shells that had holes in them with the insides gone. After a couple of bales I found the culprit in the form of a medium sized Possum.... It's day's are numbered now. I took the .22 pistol down hoping to get another glimpse of it but never did. Might be time for a live trap I guess.

Judging by the egg shells I saw it has been living quite comfortably for a week or more at least. I did notice a big drop in egg production about 2 weeks ago but thought maybe it was just the less daylight and dropping temps effecting the hens.

To add to my Fall-Time troubles deer season is in full swing and of course that means the stray dog that moved in and never left is managing to find deer remains from the Lord only knows where and bringing them home. However this year the chickens have been running the dog off from his grisly snack and attack these remains like a pack of scavenging dinosaurs. Quite effectively picking them clean before I even notice them. I guess it's free food and won't hurt em.

So many deer hunters around here simply gut and partially slaughter their kill in the field then simply toss the remains along the side of the road we always end up disposing of more than one deer worth of legs each Fall. One year that damned dog drug an entire severed head up from somewhere too.

So at least I can scratch one more "Need" off the old list while getting rid of deer remains and playing great white Possum hunter. We now have a working hay elevator!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I shot a possum a couple nights ago, the cat was smacking at it which usually doesn't happen. We go through cycles where we get lots of them and then we don't see any for a couple years. I guess coyotes eat them. Cold and windy now but we are real dry.

  2. So had the donkey shown up yet? One way or another?

  3. Chickens eat bugs. I guess I am not surprised that a carcass would also constitute a meal.

  4. PP,

    Having working equipment on the farm is extremely beneficial.
    Hey when you're done capturing or killing off your pain in the butt possum we have one down here that needs taking care of.

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