Friday, September 2, 2016

Getting Motivated Again

Yesterday and Today were absolutely perfect days. The humidity is dropping along with the temps, it's been almost chilly at night and no rain. It was finally enough to break me of my forced laziness and get back to work. I started with sharpening the brush hog blade since it looks like I am going to need to cut the hay with it again this year.

Of course as soon as the chickens figured out I was moving stuff around and exposing dirt that had been covered up they all came running to help.

I placed some pallets under the raised mower in case the hydraulics slipped or failed. I wasn't going to but my dad convinced me it might be better to not trust my legs to almost 70 year old hydraulics. When he put it that way I kinda had to agree with him.

I out a nice shiny new edge on those blades let me tell you. I could actually cut the skin on my thumb with the edge a bit without using too much pressure. It should cut through the grass much better now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I need to cut my grass, but the soonest will be sunday or monday. They are saying rain most of next week. I hope not.

  2. had a perfect day and night--temp moderate, humidity down, and fresh breeze. n e ohio

  3. That's quite a blade, PP. How do you balance it?

  4. I always figured that having a sharp blade on the Bush Hog was worth about 5 extra horsepower.

  5. Good job. We had cooler temps and that will send the trees into autumn mode.

    If you think the chickens are helpers, wait until you get turkeys!

    I'm glad you are finally getting some nicer temps so you can get something done.

  6. Hey we came out of hiding with this wonderful break in the heat/humidity insanity. Ralph got a lot of the weeds flail mowed.

    We have a Miniature Disc Mower for our Grillo walk behind tractor and it cuts hay beautifully!


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