Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Reading - Citting Hay!!!!

Whew. I managed to get the entire back half and a long access strip of the main hay field cut today. It looks like the Brush-Hog method will work although I am still not sure how much got knocked over rather than totally cut. I have used the Brush-Hog method before but never with the weeds so thick or the fields so wet. Last year by this time the fields were nice and dry but this year the stuff is taking twice as long if not more to dry properly and the rains are popping up and threatening the entire process.

I ended up over heating the little 8N too since her model year doesn't have a temp gauge on her. Luckily I saw the steam coming out long before any engine noise happened. No lifters making a death raddle or anything like that just a bit of steam and some boiling coolant leakage around the cap. The pollen and dust clogged up the radiator which is a common issue with the old 8N's. I had actually cleaned the radiator out twice before it got clogged but didn't catch it the last time.

I ended up pulling the 8N off to the side and letting her cool while finishing the cutting job with the diesel 861. I honestly should have used the diesel to begin with but she is getting close to oil change time so I was trying to hold off on the hours until the hay is baled.

Anyway the mowing took me from about 11:00 until dusk to get finished as it doesn't go real fast with a 5 foot brush hog let me tell you.

Once again it's time to keep the fingers crossed that it has time to dry properly.

I will keep ya informed.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. More rain for us the next few days. Local farmer told me wettest summer in the 30 years he has farmed solo. Most farms here are passed on generation to generation.

  2. fingers crossed that you can get it dry, do you not cut for silage at all

  3. The first year here I made hay in September and it's was a nightmare as the nights ate so damp. Took about a week to make. I've not missed making hay this year, although I'll miss the money obviously!

  4. Wow that is some tough cutting if it stops up the radiator. You are running the old Ford proving grounds.

  5. Wishing you dry weather for the next few days!

  6. Maybe you'll have a mild winter since you had such a soggy summer. And I hope the storms go around you for a while so you can get the hay put up.

  7. lots of hay has been put up by bush hogging. just open up your shields (if you have any) and slow down your rpm a little


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