Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yes it's Still Raining

Rained every day since Monday including today. I did manage to get the weeds trimmed from under the grape vines....

Which I must admit the grapes have done pretty good this year even with the Japanese Beetle infestation attempting to defoliate them. Why who am I kidding the beetles did defoliate them but they came back and produced a pretty good crop.

I just have nothing to post about on the blog right now. I usually have enough background material of some sort to get though these periods but I have used it all up. I just been reading mostly and not even reading doomer porn but Science Fiction. I have always loved science fiction warship stuff for some unknown reason or "Starship Troopers" type stuff.

Anyway just letting everyone know I am still here just have nothing to write about except rain and more rain and mowing.... That's about the only things I can do around here now except read.

Keep Prepping Everyone


  1. I ave been battling Blight on the tomatoes and potatoes and now red spider mite, oh and slugs big horrible fat slimy things

  2. No rain here but plenty of moisture in the ground. The tobacco is over my head and blooming. Now here is a nice story, really it is about a cute little black swan chick that just hatched.

  3. God called me and asked if I would help you build an ARK. He asked about used wood, so I knew it was Jam & kymber pulling my leg. bhahaha

    1. Yeah; God specified Gopher Wood for the construction of the ark, and scholars have never been able to figure out what Gopher Wood was. No college degree needed here; Noah kept telling his family "Go for wood."

  4. So in reality, this is a valuable thing Preppy. In the event of an actual collapse, things like this happen as well. I assume the "masses" have no idea what they would do in this situation, as they do not really understand how crippling a thing it can be.

  5. Not a drop of rain here for weeks, except for storms now and again. Given up with our veg plot as it is too hot to keep watering, but the tomatoes are loving the heat!

  6. Love the resiliency of grapes.

    Have you read any Larry Correia? Love that guy's stuff. Nick Cole is also great.

  7. Still no rain where I live; not a drop since May! 'Still watering the nopales (edible cactus; pretty good, actually) to keep it from dying. 'Never had to do that before! The garden plot was a write-off this year. All I got out of it were cherry tomatoes and cantaloupes... and LOTS of opportunistic weeds taking advantage of the drip system. The corn just plain WOOFED in the heat. The zucchinis and cukes turned to mush. The Beefsteak tomatoes split wide open. The plot looks like an oasis for goats! Cherry tomatoes, by the way, are just about impervious to heat! The cantaloupes were surprisingly resilient as well.

    I'm with T.B; God is schooling us; putting us in the "simulator" to get us ready for the real thing. "The masses" have no idea what's coming at them...


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