Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Reading - Still At It

I know the blog hasn't been very exciting lately and I haven't been replying to comments like I should. The truth is, and I know I have written this 1 million times already, I am just literally buried under grass and weeds. I cannot keep up with it and it's growing so thick so fast it is really putting the hurt on my equipment as well. I already ended up stretching out a belt when the mower clogged again this week.

They sure don't make belts and stuff like they used to either.

Not to mention with very few breaks from the heat and evil humidity I am just beat by the time I get finished for the day. Been the worst Summer I can ever remember for trying to get anything done. It's a good thing I didn't try and plant a real garden this year because if I had it would be totally overgrown as well by now.

The worst part is the grass never actually dries enough to properly mow. It's just so wet down under that you physically cannot mow slow enough to cut properly and always risk getting clogged up. For the first time in years I have also had to break out the gas powered weed eaters as well because the battery operated ones I have grown to love so much just can't cut it now...

Pun intended.

Even riding around on a tractor or mower requires frequent cooling and drying off breaks. It's like living in a terrarium or something.

Anyway enough of my complaining I guess. Time to get back to work if I expect to get this mowing done before nightfall. This constant rain and humidity has to come to an end sometime I guess. I heard this morning that Kansas City is getting pounded extra hard today and the streets are flooding now.

I guess it could be worse than what we got.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Did you ever find the donkey during your mowing?


    1. Exile - Well I found what was left. It wasn't all that gruesome since by the time I found her remains she had been picked pretty clean. A Turkey Vulture and a random daylight coyote spotting tipped me off to the spot. She had crawled back into a small stand of Cedars that she sometimes used as cover in storms and from the sun. It's way in the back and everything as grown up pretty thick around it with a huge wild rose or two on either side.

      So the Donkey is no more.

    2. Well at least you know.


  2. The donkey had a good life and went off and died where you didn't have to do any nasty work. Maybe the nags will follow the example.
    Things are over grown here as I have been sick and couldn't cut weeds. It only takes a few weeks for things to get out of control in this wet weather.

  3. I concur. August should be called the OVERGROWN month. I tried to weed some in the garden this weekend and didn't make it very far.

  4. Yep, I also agree. The weeds in the garden are so bad I had to hire a neighborhood kid to do the weeding. I dug unions and potatoes this morning and he is out there sweating his ass off digging and collecting the weeds. Its too tough for an old man like me to do...

    Carl in the UP

  5. pp - sorry to hear they are that bad this year - i mostly use the gas powered weedeater - just more powerful... i bough a stand behind this year and it helps...

    we get lucky here on the hill because no matter how wet the stuff gets, there will always be a good breeze to dry it out eventually = plus i got WAY less than you to cut..

    hang in there pal!!

  6. Send some of that rain out here to central VA. 1.6 inches for August so far and that was two weeks ago and it doesn't look like any more is coming. I thought the east was supposed to be wet and the midwest not as. I think the moisture is getting wrung out over the Blue Ridge on to Sunnybrook farm, I reckon.

  7. I'm sorry about the donkey but at least now you know. We've had lousy weather, too. Hot and windy, but the weed patch still made a good run of things! I may have to get Mr. H's brush cutter out to tackle the chicory next to the fence. The dang goose has been hiding in the shade instead of weeding.

    Hope you get caught up on your chores so you can have a nap. :-)

  8. I feel your pain. We had rain again last night 2" more. I haven't mowed for over a week. This weekend I may find time. Keep plugging at it, fall is near.


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