Friday, August 26, 2016

How Generation X Geeks Created the Alt-Right

Every day now I hear more and more about this Alt-Right movement. Of course it's been around for years. It's a backlash movement you see. Really it's simply the pendulum swinging back after being pushed so far left by feminism and it all started so many years ago when the rabid feminist began marginalizing those early generation X boys.

You remember those young Men from generation X right? The first ones to actually live under the biased, racist laws our parents and grandparents allowed to get passed to alleviate their own guilt somehow. It sure didn't bother our union member or government employee parents to scream for more diversity since they were already set for life. They weren't the ones going to get passed over because they had a male sexual organ or were the wrong color were they? They weren't the one's being handed the bill.

The White Boys of Generation X retreated. We really had no choice. We retreated to the jobs no one else wanted, formed our private small businesses under our wife's name so we could actually get government contracts and satisfied our competitive spirit in games and flights of fancy. The only level playing field left to us in point of fact. We were far too few in number to put up much of a fight politically and too close behind the wars of mass industrialization to make much headway economically.

But Generation X had plenty of imagination. In fact I would say we took it to new levels and introduced concepts and ideas that have since grown into institutions for our own children. What we did for free back then our son's are now making careers of.

Eventually as we the forgotten Gen X guys aged and introduced our sons to the realms we created the feminist followed and began making demands.

The digital domain was the last line in the sand. We refused to give another inch. Things like Gamergate sprang from this last act of defiance and so did the Alt-Right grow. Now that the Millennial boys have grown into men we finally have the numbers to make a difference and begin fighting back against feminist/multi-cultist oppression once and for all.

And the left is beginning to feel scared....


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Oh ya,,,, Go Get Em  Boys!!!!!


  1. You can only push and bend so much before it snaps. Just think of it as wing flex. Boeing & Airbus but new designs through stress test to see how much stress the wings body extra it will take before it breaks. The Liberals never learned to stop just kept pushing even after it snapped.

  2. I hear Ya. I grew up in a family of career snivel servants and liberals. As a boy growing up I was always shouted down and shamed if I didn't agree with them. They could call me an idiot and a redneck and if I said anything about I was told I was being uncivil. I went along to get along.

    Last week my mother was going on about what a wretch Donald Trump was. She was barfing up the usual crap the media spews... And I just had enough. "So what's the alternative, you stunned bint?" I asked. Then I told HER to shove HER politics up her ass, and that if she was gonna be uncivil about it - we were leaving. The old bitch is still mad at me and I don't care.

    I hope Trump wins, I hope the race whores and social justice warriors are run out of town... And if some liberal slob wants to start something I am going to end it - and to hell with them and their feelings. Being nice to these a-holes isn't worth it anymore.


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