Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Another Day Another High Profile Police Shooting

Watching the drama between the Black lives matter yahoos and the police thugs has been mildly entertaining since the entire Ferguson thing last year. As I have repeatedly said I don't have a dog in that fight which makes for a unique kinda experience for once in this crazy White Male hating world.

My guess is that most of those on the side of the BLM crew look at this as another step in White Male bashing and standing up against "oppression and Waaaycism" which ought to make me be sympathetic to the police thugs but truth be told I kinda think the White guy haters have a point this time.

Oh wait NOT in the waaaycism charge but in the fact that by and large cops are completely out of control these days.

Now I am no expert but I seem to remember when I was a kid that cops had to have legitimate and open cases of the suspect being armed and preferably being shot at themselves before shooting otherwise the entire incident was highly suspect and likely would end a career. Perhaps I am simply mis-remembering though.

These days it's Bang Bang --- Freeze and then the wagons circle and the politician/judges start getting behind the scenes calls.

I can say that my local county deputies seem to be all up right types. Never had a bad encounter with them except one time several years ago when some woman I was dating attacked me in my own home. The local small town rent a cops however are a different matter. Best to just stay clear of them but that is almost impossible since they will find the slimmest of excuses to pull you over for no reason and ask "Papers Please".

I had that happen the other night in a church parking lot of all places. Wasn't even 9:30 PM and they claim they pulled me over because the license plate light on the back of my truck was out. Really? Hmmmm that's odd since I have farm plates and don't even have to mount a plate back there to begin with. Then the little thug has the nerve to ask me if I am armed. My answer was there was nothing illegal in my truck and then I let him chew on that one a while.

We won't even get into the abuses I would see with the networked, super secret LEO computer system the state runs. I used to work on it and I will only say when I brought the system back up I saw more plates being run with names like Jennifer and Amanda as owners than Lavitius or Levi.

One thing is becoming clear though. While the BLM creeps think they are attacking waaaycism and White Men they are not stopping to look that it is Blacks and Women cops who are doing just as much of the shooting like this latest incident down in Oklahoma.

Like I said. I don't have a dog in this fight. Maybe the two will just cancel each other out.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. There are way too many groups of people that have a chip on their shoulder any more. On all sides. As a peace maker in uniform they have only a split second to make a decision and on top of that know in the back of their minds in that very same split second what will happen if they are wrong. Will they wrongly kill another or be killed themselves? Will they do it all right yet forever be subject to law suits and cameras in their face? Their life and the person they are facings life changed forever. This world is way to complicated. Nothing is seen in black and white anymore. Everything has too many gray areas.
    Just when I think the world has turned itself inside out with how things were only a few years ago verses today, something comes up to top the already crazy craziness. No wonder so many yearn for some land away from society. It is just plain sad. Every group wants their own rights even if their rights make the others who also want their rights impossible. Even if the law says neither lawfully ever had those rights in the first place. Have we already fallen down the rabbit hole too far to climb out?
    I can truthfully hardly believe how things have changed in just the last 50 or so years. There was never a time when we all got along perfectly or all were moral and upright. We are human. Yet there was a moral compass. A basic right and wrong way to live your life and live with others. Now though no one seems to even care....Anything goes. Anything.
    The majority does not rule either. Yell enough and get on camera enough and know the right person enough and your cause will be the top one and you will probably get your wish and your cause will rule the day. No matter how small your group. A few things haven't changed. Thankfully the major one is God is still on the throne. That has Not changed. Take Him out of everything in society but he will not disappear. Jody

  2. In the real old days back when the cops would jump from running board to running board and stop the other car (really happened around here one time) they would fire a warning shot. At some point they were not allowed to fire warning shots, don't know why, probably someone at a desk decided it wasn't good. Anyway there is nothing like shucking a round into a 12 gauge or firing a shot at someone's feet to get their attention and make them stop and think what might happen next. It is a bit concerning how quick they are to use deadly force especially when often it involves shall we say the mentally challenged individuals. I think it is the training that they are getting, something is missing, the police are still just regular people but things escalate too quickly for some reason. Maybe if you only have a 6 shot 38 you don't fire all your shots at once but if you have a semi auto, well there are plenty of extra magazines?

  3. The Black murdering Black stats always get buried when there is a police shooting of a black man.I am not say all police shootings are justified but BLM could do more good focusing on the black neighborhoods where black shooting black is so rampant.Chicago has had a dreadful summer for murder and it is disproportionately black murdering black.

    We are blessed to live in the country and we pray for this country!


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